Which Browser To Opt When It Comes To HTML5?

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The browser fight is starting all over again now that HTML5 is in its full bliss. Firefox ruled it for me before this but considering the fact that HTML 5 is a completely new standard I wonder if Firefox will still be the king or would the crown go to someone else. Will Apple’s Safari which has by far been a very good nonetheless heavy  take over the? Or will Google’s size zero browser Chrome become the King? Could even be Opera for that matter? Or will Firefox retain its crown? *Internet Explorer need not be named; May it rot in hell*



This small table, by molly.com shows some of the HTML 5 feature supports with Browser put against one another. A quick look tells that Safari is leading if it comes followed by Firefox (beloved). The third place has been grabbed by Chrome. Internet Explorer needless to say, comes last.

Is is Apple’s hatred towards Flash that has motivated them to make Safari HTML 5 compatible? They surely want to get rid of Adobe’s Flash but is this the reason why they made sure that Safari top when it comes to HTML 5? I don’t know, I will stick to Firefox.

Chrome Firefox Internet Explorer Opera Safari
contentEditable Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Stylable Elements (new) Yes Yes No Yes Yes
getElementsByClassName Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Cross-Document Messaging Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Web Forms 2.0 Partial No No Yes Partial
Drag and Drop Yes Yes Yes No Yes
<audio> No 3.5 No No Yes
<video> 3.0 3.5 No Labs release, partial Yes
<canvas> Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Server-sent DOM Events No No No Partial No
Client-side Storage (name/value) 2.x Yes Yes No Yes

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