Project: Get Away From CWG, Pictures From Kolkata Part #2

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A restaurant I ate at. My hotel receptionist (mis)guided us to it. Since i am a vegetarian, I didn’t have much choice in the city of fishes.

Kulfi outside AZAD HIND. I didn’t eat (didn’t have the guts) but the other family who were with us did.

BAR B CUE (pun intended)

Bengalis take the liberty of pronouncing Sharbat as Sarbat just as they pronounce Shashwat as Saswat

Crying out Godzilla or Jurassic at this moment in time won’t draw any laughs so I’ll just that this was outside Science city (which I mistook for Sign City because the people in Kolkata pronounce Science as Sign).

The infinite train.

I have. Absolulety. No. Idea. As to what this is. Perhaps a building?

A Jugghi and a Bungalow. The difference between the rich and poor is quite apparent in Kolkata.

I stand corrected. He was very much alive.

Click the image to view the actual image. I repeat, it is NSFW (Not Safe For Work)

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