Putting A Full Stop To The Commonwealth Games 2010 issue

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We all know what the issue was.

Now that the Common Wealth Games 2010 are over, we have a clear picture of what happened against what we had anticipated or thought would happen. Your anticipation of course depends on two things, not whether you are an optimist or a pessimist but rather whether you watched the so called news at that time or not. It’s been 2 months since I have not watched TV but I did used to catch up on Commonwealth news through News Channel’s websites. And no you cannot say that all the news channel care about are TRP’s, they also care about on site video views because their videos were as scary and pessimistic as they can__ get and as their every-half-an-hour-we-bring-you-a-Breaking-News. I know that crap was found in bedrooms, bridges collapsed, hardly any tickets were sold and how nothing was ready on time but wait, was nothing ready on time? The games went as good as they could!

No doubt that government officials made money which they never dreamt of making, no doubt that a mind boggling number of labourers dies while working, no doubt that the Indian government made sure that India was humiliated on every possible website on the Internet but no doubt that the games went well and Commonwealth Games 2010 was a success, right?

What went wrong?

Was it the media? Was everything ready on time and it was just the media which played spoil sport? I think no. Everything was not ready on time but the situation wasn’t really as bad as the media portrayed it to be. Media thrashed the politicians and officials for lying and making money but was the media itself truthful? Though the media was right about tickets not being sold but what about the so called other news? I leave you to answer that since it is pretty obvious and pretty ambiguous.

To tell you the truth, I was against Commonwealth Games 2010. In a country where people are unable to make ends meet, in a country where education is in turmoil, in a country which ranks 84th in the corruption list do we really need to host Commonwealth Games? Or will be able to pull it off? Apparently, I was wrong. We did pull it over but only after spending Rs 30,000 Crore instead of the estimated Rs 1899 crore. IMHO Commonwealth Games 2010 should  never  happened in India or should happen again only after India can feed and educate all of it’s children, and when India can protect them all from religious intolerance, racism, human trafficking and the exclusive, found only in India, class discrimination.

There’s nothing much left to say.

All’s well that ends well.

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6 thoughts on “Putting A Full Stop To The Commonwealth Games 2010 issue

  1. I know it sounds absurd but what we can do when our patriotism would only be reflected until and unless we don't show it in writing (that too in CAPITAL LETTERS).It happens only in India. (No Offence to anyone)

  2. I agree to the part where you say that all that money could have been used elsewhere.. But, if China can host the Olympic and pull it off so well, why should we be far behind.. ?? And with that thought I actually had changed my opinion!! But by not spending 'just' Rs. 1899 Crore, and instead spending Rs. 30,000 Crore, is when the government and 'a few' of the corrupt officials involved in making it a success have failed us.. Really a sad story because to imagine what all that extra money would have done to feed the poor in India is heartbreaking, but the world will not understand all these microscopic issues.. ! Thanks for putting this piece out there, I haven't seen the videos of the closing ceremony, but watched a few pictures of the opening!! And man, that was a treat to the eyes!! Fabulous, one of those moments you are just proud of, without judgement holding you back 🙂

    1. We should not compare India with China,both have different types of government which differ drastically.It is a matter of government- In India we have a mixed economy so there is more corruption as people are more interested in making money,while in a communist government (as in the case of China) the people there are more interested in making the event successful and making the nation proud.In China,someone like Suresh Kalmadi who has defamed nation's name in international media would have been immidiately sentenced to jail or had been given death penalty.It is the strictness of their laws that have made China better than India (in some cases).But in the end.

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