Why Facebook Won’t Let Users Change Fan Page Names

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Typos are inevitable but most of the time we are able to rectify them before significant damage is caused. With the Internet becoming so informal because of the inevitable presence of Social Networking sites the probability of your next word getting typed wrong has increased but God bless the developers, we have a delete or remove button on most websites. It is the time other than-the-most-of-the-time that typos create a problem. May it be an already sent E-mail or a comment you just made on a website; if it has a typo, chances are it will stay like that till eternity (or till Vogons drop in to say hi which will cause a typo-full death to your comment/E-mail).

One of the problems that I faced some months back, was, correcting a typo I made while naming a Fan Page on Facebook. It was just a T instead of a Y but it changed the whole freaking meaning of the sentence! So, I tried to find a work around for renaming the Fan Page. Unable to find any option even remotely signaling towards my need I went over to Facebook Help. This is what Facebook has to say on the topic on Chnaging Fan Page Names.

How do I change my Page name?

It’s not currently possible to edit the name of a Page. If you would like to change your Page name, you will need to delete your Page and recreate it. The Facebook team isn’t able to change Page names for you.”


No, you cannot rename Facebook Fan Pages and Groups.
No, you cannot rename Facebook Fan Pages and Groups.


Now I do understand that it sucks and Facebook should allow renaming of Fan Pages but then the question arises; Why doesn’t Facebook allow renaming of Fan Pages? While Facebook used to allow renaming of groups, it has now been stopped. The reason is that a user could make a Fan Page/Group and gather thousands of members on one enticing subject and then change the name of the Group/Fan Page hence making all the users a part of a Group/Fan Page they never wanted to be. Suppose a Page is named “I love to eat Ice-Cream”. Assuming that the contemporary type of users see this Fan Page, the Fan Page will get thousands of Fans in a matter of days (of course, Facebook does not allow Fan Pages like these any longer. They have been replaced with community pages). Now if the admin has the power to rename the page, he/she can rename it to anything! From “I hate my Mom” to “Obama sucks!” I have seen this happening. The users used to get a notification about the name change. Now tell me, do you want to see this happening?


Off Topic

Harsh Agarwal,the founder of ShoutMeLoud and other numerous websites wrote a post on this without even thinking twice and guess what, that post was retweeted 21 times and has 24 comments. The post has been titled How to Change Misspelled Facebook Page Name?. Besides the ambiguity in the title which makes it sound as if Harsh has found a way to rename fan pages, Harsh didn’t even try to Google and check if renaming of Fan Pages was possible or not. On top of that he also trashed my comment on the aforementioned post in which I said that I was writing a post on why it is not possible to rename Facebook Fan Pages. When I asked why he didn’t publish it he refused to reply and simply removed me from his friend list on Facebook.

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13 thoughts on “Why Facebook Won’t Let Users Change Fan Page Names

  1. "The users used to get a notification about the name change. Now tell me, do you want to see this happening?"

    Ehm…yes. Gosh, what a question…and you`re even naming the solution, right there! Just notify the people when the name changes, and should they disappove of the new name, they can dislike the fanpage…no. problem.what.so.ever!

  2. Hi there I’m having a technical issue using your web site, I am getting 505 messages very often, I am not very clear regarding why however if I reload the page it returns okay.

  3. Tell me about it, we created a fan-page for our band and then decided to change our name, but NO, facebook doesn't allow that.
    We ended up sticking with the original name (more because it got 200+fans)

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