How To Download A Torrent

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I know most of you would be knowing how to do this, but this is just for those guys (gals to precise) who don’t.

The first thing you would need is a torrent client; there are loads of clients out there but I would recommend uTorrent because it’s the tiniest of all and is very low on system resources. But that doesn’t affect its efficiency one bit.

So, to get uTorrent ;

  1. Open up your web browser
  2. Go to
  3. Hit the download button
  4. Install it.

Now you just have to get the .torrent file of the thing that you want to download. There are many sites from which you can download torrents but ThePirateBay and isohunt are the most popular onos while is the best one. Demonoid though requires you to register. You can get an invite code for Demonoid from here. There is also a Torrent search Engine, which basically acts like Google and shows all available torrent for the string you search.

Just head over to one of these sites, search for the thing you want to download, find a good torrent and download it. This file can now be opened with uTorrent which will actually download the file.


  • When you are looking for a torrent, be sure to check out the comments on that torrent just to make sure its not fake.
  • Also, the more the number of seeders the better.
  • You should have an anti-virus on your system unless you are and advanced user because some torrent can also have virus
  • Unlike direct downloads, torrent don’t cancel if you shut down your computer, they continue from the same place you left it.
  • Downloading some torrent may be illegal. You could be tracked down for copyright infringement.
  • This author in no way condones any activities that may be deemed illegal.
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