Convert XLS/Exel Tables/Word Tables to Pure HTML For Free

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Gmail Exel/XLS convert to HTML

It was sometime back when I was working on that I had some tables in Excel format which needed to be put up on the website. I couldn’t link it since I was not supposed to. What I was supposed to do was make a table in HTML and print that table through HTML.

HTML, if you don’t already know is something which I had no idea about, up-till now. These tables made sure that I learnt HMTL. But you just can’t spend time first making an excel file and then do the same thing again in HTML. There are a bunch of XLS to HTML/Excel to HTML converters available but only some work, and the ones which actually work force you to but the software. Now I don’t know about you but I had to do some serious Googling in order to get to this trick. Though Googling didn’t help (except making me download and install random software) another product from Google did. Yes, that’s right. It’s Gmail. I say Gmail because I have only tried this trick with Gmail and Yahoo! Mail. And it didn’t work on the latter.

Any file, XLS/Exel table/Word table/Word document/any kind of document can be converted to pure HTML without any hassles, all you need is a Gmail account. I see that you might be thinking why don’t we just use save as and save it as an HTML page. Even that should work but unfortunately it doesn’t.

Step 1: Compose a new mail. Attach the file that you want to convert and send it to yourself or any other Gmail account who’s log-in details you know.

Step 2: If you sent it yourself then open the mail. If not then log-into the Gmail account to which you sent the mail. Open the mail and scroll down. Do you see this? 😉

Gmail Exel/XLS convert to HTML
Gmail Exel/XLS convert to HTML

Step 3: Now click View as HTML Gmail will open a new tab with your file in it. Just press ctrl+U or go to View in your Browser and click Page Source. You now have the full HTML of the table/document in front of you. Just copy paste it and use wherever you want to!

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