Facebook Says I Can’t Chat Anymore

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Facebook, oh dear Facebook, I can understand that you just recovered from the longest downtime ever but how can you do this to me? And I repeat again, me? Besides the fact that the 900 odd people who strive to make you work are high on weed since they obviously don’t now that a user should be able to add someone on Facebook without having any mutual friend, they have blocked me from chat? They just took it away without any notice/warning/sense of shame.

Facebook why did you take away my chat?
The warning which I got today.

Now to those unknown let me tell you this, I don’t chat on Facebook. It is once in a blue moon that I go online. And when I do go online I usually block people except those to whom I have to talk to. No, it is not because I am an arrogant fool. Fool yes but arrogant no. It’s just that I just can’t chat with 10 people at a time. I fear going online-People start saying wassup? the moment I click the Online button-. No, I am no Tom Cruise and nor do I want to be one. It is just a problem I have.

Now I ask Facebook, why was I blocked from chat?

Perhaps Facebook doesn’t understand that exceeding here means that I chat (too much) which apparently I do not (not even a little). Or is it me at fault? Perhaps I should call the guys at Oxford English Dictionary and tell them that the word ‘exceeded‘ has been redefined to mean not used at all.

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