Sync/Extract Your iPod’s/iPhone’s/iPad’s Music Library On Ubuntu Without Using iTunes

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As I announced in my last post that I have now gone Open Source and will not use Windows unless I am forced to do so. I was prepared to face some problems and also type commands in the Terminal. One of the very first problems that I came across was syncing my iPod with my computer which has no Operating System except Karmic Koala (Ubuntu 9.10

From what I have heard, one can also extract music form one’s iPod by emulating iTunes through Wine but I can’t be bothered enough. Also, that would signal the start of getting back to Windows which apparently I don’t want to see happening. After some really time consuming research which included a lot of Goggling and several rebooting of my PC I have been finally able to connect and sync my iPod Touch with my Linux Operating system, Ubuntu 9.10.

How To Do It

This trick definitely works on all iDevices (even iPhone 4 should work). You need a firmware of 3.0 or above and Ubuntu Karmic Koala i.e 9.10 . This trick has not been tested on Lucid Lynx or the Alpha Editions of Marakeet . This trick will not work on anything older than Karmic Koala. It will work even if your iPod/iPhone/iPad is jailbroken. If it isn’t see here why you should Jialbreak your iDevice and how to do it.

Step 1: Add the iFuse PPA to your repository:

You will now have to install iFuse. The library or the bunch of them in order make your system compatible with your iDevice.

Open the Terminal by clicking Application>>Accessories>>Terminal. Now copy paste the following command there:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:pmcenery/ppa

Enter your password if asked for. Hit enter and wait until it gets over. Might take some time

Step 2:Update Your system after adding the repository

Copy paste the following to the Terminal.

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

Note: Have patience. This might take some time. You might be asked to restart. If asked, then restart.

Step 3: Installing iFuse

Copy paste the following command into the Terminal and wait till it is executed.

sudo apt-get install gvfs gvfs-backends gvfs-bin gvfs-fuse libgvfscommon0 ifuse libgpod-dev libgpod-common libimobiledevice-utils libimobiledevice0 libimobiledevice-dev libplist++1 libplist-utils python-plist libusb-1.0-0 libusb-1.0-0-dev libusbmuxd1 usbmuxd

Installation might take some time. Wait it till gets over.

Step 4: Changing user permissions

Head over to Users and Groups by clicking System>>Administration>>Users and Groups

Users and groups
Click on the key icon

Enter you password if asked for.

Now click the Manage Groups button. 

Find 'Fuse'.
Find 'Fuse'.

Find Fuse and click Add Group.


Check besides your username
Check besides your username


Check the Box besides your Username and click OK.

Now restart you computer and connect your iDevice. Fire up Rhythm Box or any other software that recognizes iDevices.You are good to go. Your device will work fine now.


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