When Facebook Won't Let You Add Friends

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Zark off!

Facebook has been getting stricter on Privacy policies. It already gives you the ability to check the usage of your account from different locations besides the much talked about profile privacy settings. These policies though help most users, for some it is just a downright pain in the arse.Then problem arises when Facebook interprets totally legal though different behavior of a user as that of spammers and stalkers. This is when Facebook starts giving you warnings. Facebook has disabled my account once, after which I had to make a new one because I ignored the warnings.

One of the more recent problems slash warnings that the users have been facing is when while sending friend requests, a dialog box opens up and shows you this

This Request Can’t Be Sent
Do you know this user personally? To prevent misuse of Facebook, this request can’t be sent. To learn more, please visit the Help Center.

I myself received this warning in disguise of information a few days back. Needless to say, I figured out a way to bypass this warning and send friends requests. It is a 3 step procedure and requires only your web browser plus you have to install nothing.

Click this link here http://www.facebook.com/friends/?ref=tn (right click, Open in New Tab)

Now head over to All Connections. Now press Ctrl+F and search for “Pending”. Against all friend requests that are pending there must be a cross (X) button. If you feel that you sent the friend request long back and it still hasn’t been accepted or you don’t give a damn anymore, click that cross button and withdraw your request. Do that to all friend requests you can and go to the next page by clicking the button at the end of the list.

Zark off!
Zark off!

Now go back to sending the friend requests due to which you got the warning. Did it work? 😉

UPDATE: If you are getting a warning something which is something like this….

Warning! You are engaging in behavior that may be considered annoying or abusive by other users.

Sometimes people get these warnings for simply misusing one of our features.

Which of the following links describes what you were trying to do? Clicking on a link will take you to more information on how to use Facebook’s features.

Using Applications
Networking/meeting new people
Connecting with Classmates/Friends
Promoting a business, product or service

Further misuse of site features may result in a temporary block or your account being permanently disabled.

…Nothing can be done. Wait for a few days. Slow down your pace a bit.

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13 thoughts on “When Facebook Won't Let You Add Friends

  1. Same with me. Banned for 7 days but FB appears to have deleted all my pending requests unless everyone I invited has accepted…not sure

  2. It seems that Facebook is making a bad name for itself by it's authoritarian behaviour. It's inherently counter-productive as well. While my 14 day 'BAN' is in place, Facebook certainly will not be getting any advertising or marketing opportunities out of me; and, I'll bet their commercial marketers and adverters wouldn't be pleased to discover that Facebook has an ever-increasing disenchanted client base. This is one way we can hit back at them .. refuse to respond to any of Facebook's advertising and marketing. That in turn will hurt their commercial interests. While Facebook continually boasts 500 million users, maybe we should be using social-networking to group together the growing number of people with ANTI-Facebook sentiments! Any ideas?

  3. Hi, I'm blocked for 7 days. I dont know what happened but first it showed me the error as u mentioned

    "This Request Can’t Be Sent

    Do you know this user personally? To prevent misuse of Facebook, this request can’t be sent. To learn more, please visit the Help Center."

    After that it blocked me for 7 days. For me its a long time but do you have any idea about how to deal with this ban. Secondly tell me about that Can I send messages to the people on facebook? Does it affect to the ban? Because I dont want to prolong this ban… thanks

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    1. “ability to check the usage of your account from different locations”

      By usage I mean timing of log-in and place of log-in (depends upon the IP address). You will only to see this when you are logged-in from several different PC's at one time.

      Randi Zukerberg works on marketing, politics, current events & non-profits for Facebook. She is also a television spokeswoman for Facebook. If rumors are to be believed, she is Mark Zukerberg's sister 😉
      You can find her here http://www.facebook.com/Randi

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