For The YouTuber In Me #Post 2

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  • I know you know that 6*9=__ but do you know what is 13*7 is ? Yes, bang on. You are right. 13*7=28.
  • So you think you know video editing? Think again. You still think you know video editing? Think again. Still adamant on the fact that you know video editing? In that case, you’ve got to see this video.
  • I know you’ve played Counter Strike. And I know you love it. This video will make LOL followed ROFL and then ROFLCOPTER. I am the usually the newbie, just in case you didn’t want to know.
    Caution: People without a sense of humor are advised to skip this video. This video might just bring an overhaul in their personalities and make them funny. That will be a change for good but still be  change.
  • I just love the way he dances! And when he stands still with his hands folded, he is just adorable!
  • ROFLCOPTER! Soi soi soi soi! Microsoft Sam cannot say soi soi soi soi soi!

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