DPSVasantKunj.com is Fail

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Today, in the school in the 8th period I had Physics and Anshu Bhatia ma’am (my Physics teacher, d’uh) was teaching Physics (yet again, d’uh) when suddenly out of nowhere a kid asked: (My commentary in *’s, asterixs, in case you are a tubelight)

The Kid: Ma’am, is tomorrow a holiday?

Ma’am: Beta, as of now we are not sure whether tomorrow is a holiday or not. Incase it isn’t you will have your Computer praticals tomorrow……

*went on saying stuff which I ignored and also took the liberty of starting a 2 minute chat with Aditya Kumar. You are asking what she said? I don’t know. I never listened.*

Another Kid: Why don’t we know yet?

*Yes, that is true. There are still some hopeless souls who don’t know that the date of Eid depends on the moon.*

Ma’am: Oh ho! We’ll get to know about the holiday by today evening. Check the school’s website at around 7 or 8 to know if there is a holiday. If nothing is there then the school will be on and so will be your computer practical.

*There comes dpsvasantkunj.com*

Me: What if the holiday is declared on the news but the website does not get updated?

Ma’am: That doesn’t happen, Pulkit. The website gets updated regularly.


Me: Yes, ma’am of course it is… It still has contact details of Vinay Kumar Sir.

Ma’am: Er..

*went on shying a little which was followed by laughing a little more and teaching a hell lot more than little.*

PS: The moon has not been sighted yet. I hope it shows up.

UPDATE:  A depressing news just came in. Tomorrow is not a holiday.

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