Code Wars 2010-The Aftermath (and Archives!)

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It’s over 🙁

Yes, Code Wars 2010, the eight iteration of the Symposium was held on 26th and 27th August. One thing that I should point out to those unaware (or ignorant enough) is that Code Wars happens only and only at DPS Vasant Kunj. Other schools have their own symposiums  something else.

*Coming back to the point* Code Wars 2010 was a success (not that it could not have been better, one thing that was there was scope for improvement). Note: My Half-Yearly’s are are going to be happen pretty soon so I Don’t have much time on my hand. Here I start this post. I apologize in advance if you may find it boring/boring/boring/boring.

Here are the archives

Via Ankur

I’m in no mood to type anymore (this may/ may not have a direct/inverse relation with my mother telling me to get off the computer). But yes, do expect a thank-you-Alumni, sorry-about-the-labs and some-behind-the-scenes-story-about- Code Wars-2010 post. I’ll be writing a post on it and hope that, that will be better than this one.


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