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Burnout Paradise *Best game ever* on the XBOX 360. Just showing off the controller.

To say that this post is late is an understatement would be an understatement.

To those who are blissfully unaware: The Code Warriors won the overall trophy at Modem 2009 last year and it was announced on stage that DPS Vasant Kunj would be given an Xbox 360 Arcade as the overall prize. Well, I unfortunately didn’t participate in Modem 2009 because I had to go for another symposium on that day (which sadly didn’t happen). It was the next day that I got to know about the overall and the prize. You might already know that I don’t game, hence my enthusiasm towards the console was based solely on reason that it was a console; a brilliant piece of machinery; a gadget that I’d love to possess though not use regularly. So, we started waiting for its arrival.

Two weeks passed but nothing happened besides that the fact that Vivek ”Optimistic” Nair kept reiterating that the Xbox must be on its way packed nicely and kept in a FedEx van. We had to do something. So I took the initiative and after a rather long talk with Bani Ma’am_Head of Department, Computer Science, DPS Vasant Kunj_ (in which she spoke and I listened) I called up Modern School, Vasant Vihar from the school while the two Programmers Vishal and Shashank were by my side. To say I was diverted numerous times by the Modern School’s telephone exchange would be yet another understatement. It actually wouldn’t be wrong to say that I was in fact given 5 different mobile numbers of one single teacher by 5 different people to whom I was directed.

Sarcasm starts_The support from Bani Das ma’am was noteworthy_sarcasm ends. She kept telling us that there is no XBOX coming and we should drop the subject and forget about the console then and there. Also, she said that we shouldn’t have come back to school without the XBOX when we got the overall, in the first place. Now it would be wrong on my side to say that Modern School didn’t cooperate. Rather they sent us a mail saying that the XBOX is in the school but they don’t have anybody to sent it with and hence if someone from our school with an authorization letter could come, he would be given the console right away. That of course didn’t happen. The reason you ask? DPS VK.

Days passed. The calendar flipped. The year ended. And after almost 5 more months I get this call from Pulkit Jaiswal saying that Anirudh Jain got the XBOX four days back and they have unboxed it. The Horror! I wanted to record the damn unboxing!

And that’s how the lousy (not to mention boring) story ends. I have been wanting to write this post for so long now that I saved a draft with just the title 6 months ago. And the reason I wrote and published this post today is because I kept the XBOX with me during the last weekend since the Xbox 360 is school’s property and should be kept in the school at all times except on weekends when the Code Warriors can take it home. Fair enough?! Bull shit. What the hell is the school going to do with Xbox anyway? Play Playboy Mansion in HD on the 52 inch LCD that has been locked away in a room in the school for some God damn reason?

Anyway, here are some images of the XBOX (Haven’t named it yet, and why do I seem Mr. Nair beaming?) 😛

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PS: The XBOX 360 Arcade can be termed as the bare minimum offering from Microsoft. It has an XBOX 360 console, a component cable (1 video, 2 audio), a wireless remote and no hard disk. Just 256 MB of internal memory which of course houses the OS too, so the usable memory comes to down to roughly 170 MB’s.

The way I had to set up the Xbox is also very interesting. Since I don’t own any game (nor do any of my friends: those who live close to me) the only way for me to play games on the console was to download demos. A demo for XBOX 360 usually ranges from 800 MB to 1.5 GB. Not feasible for downloading I must say but thanks to MTNL, I have been getting download speeds of more than 200KBps for a month now on my existing 512 kbps plan. Also, Microsoft as done a very neat job with the XBOX Live and its multitasking system. A demo for any freaking game can be found on the Marketplace. You can download games while playing another game and the console pauses download if your internet connection feels like going for a nap in between a download. Also, downloads can be supervised while playing too. The controller batteries are awesome! They almost seem like” unlimited”. Two days of wireless playing by me which was after the batteries had been used for some 420000000000 hours of  playing by Aditya Kumar and Anirudh Jain, the batteries were as good as new. (Two AA batteries, 1.5 Volts).

Connecting the XBOX to the Internet was PITA since my telephone cable isn’t exactly long enough to take a round of my house and still have 4 meters left and also because the XBOX has no Wi-Fi. The Ethernet cable that I had was also very short. That makes me put a question, in the images above you may see my PSP near the XBOX 360. Can you guess what it is doing there? HINT: It is ironic.

This is my lousy attempt at video recording the XBOX 360. No, you don’t need to point out in the comments that the video sucks. I already know that. Nice zoom effect BTW, right? 😛

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    1. This weekend it won't be possible since today is Friday. Also, since I took it a few days back I don't think Bani ma'am will let me take it again. I'll tell Vivek or someone to get it issued on their name and give it to you. You will have to come to school BTW. And tell me before you come, I'll get the demos with me.

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