For The YouTuber In Me #Post 1

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I’m starting this series of posts named “For The YouTuber In Me” (d’uh!) which will have four to five of my favorite videos picked up from either YouTube or Facebook. Besides the fact that this series will make sure that this Blog gets it’s dose of posts regularly it will also make sure that it will keep me at bay from writers block ; something which I feel is approaching me at the speed of light)

John Carpenter on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.

Epic is the only word suitable when_trying_describing this:

John Carpenter, an internal revenue officer won a million dollars in a way nobody could even think off. He blew everyone apart with his wits and presence of mind. And since he is an IRS agent for collecting taxes he probably found a way to keep all of his winnings. 😉

Beta No.1

Seen Amitabh Bachan’s Deewar? Or seen any old Hindi movie for that matter. If yes, then trust me, by the time this video finishes you will be ROFL

Pakistani Media Mistake

This video isn’t actually one of those which make you LOL but the mere reactions (or the lack of) make sure that you won’t regret waiting for it to buffer.

PS: Look at the expressions of the other reporter as well. I bet she laughed like a maniac once the recording stopped.

Spiderman Spoof (Dubbed in Hindi)

This one is the best! Just too damn good. Make sure you have a friend sitting besides you while you are watching this with your speakers turned on. The moment the dubbing starts you will notice yourself  laughing uncontrollably!

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