In this age, it is thought by most of our peers that it is rather absurd for anyone to not be on Facebook or Twitter. Linkedin hasn’t caught on as much, but sooner or later, it too, I assume, shall become an obsession. After joining college and meeting new people, the first questions posed to me were ‘Are you on Facebook?’, ‘Do you Tweet?’. When I answered ‘No’ to both those questions, I learnt that those who posed these questions thought that I was either a freak, or a right twit. Social Networking in itself is not a new tendency in society, but the way it has taken off in the past seven eight years is what never ceases to surprise. I do not stand to judge whether it is good or bad but I will not lie when I say that it has in one manner of speaking become a substitute to real human friendships.

I joined Facebook recently and found that along with my new college friends a whole barrage of people who had exited my life long ago added me. I did feel quite touched and nostalgic for a moment but the moment I tried to chat with them, I found the only thing I could talk to them about was ‘The good old times’ and nothing beyond that. A friend told me once ‘I’m on Facebook to add people I don’t talk to anymore but am obliged to wish them a Happy Birthday to once a year’. In all honesty this concept of ‘friendship’ does nothing more than bewilder.

I’m not on Twitter so my opinions on it can only go so far as those of a lay observer. It does however work fast to spread the word and thus has acquired the status of a potent marketing tool. It is true that short messages in up to 140 characters have revived the stardom of many a celebrity, spread news, and increased online interaction. However it will not be wrong to suggest that they have ruined goliaths like Lalit Modi and made Shashi Tharoor prove that he suffers from verbal diarrhea just as much.



Linkedin is, the most useful and therefore most underrated of these three social networking websites. It provides solace not only to those who have no jobs but also to those who currently have jobs in their search for newer, better jobs. If these three websites were to merge, however, what would result would be something that is a massive waste of time. If someone on this new site did finally find the time to apply for a job, and eventually got rejected, the post on his or her wall would read ‘FACE it you TWIT, You are not IN’……

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