42 Minutes Left For Code Wars 2010!

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Code Wars 2010


Code Wars couldn’t happen last year due to a number of reasons. But this time it will be bigger and better than any of the past years so come prepared (to survive) that is. I’ll not say much here since you will have only 42 minutes to prepare after you finish reading this. You may like to see this though

A Tip:

Don’t come to win, come to survive. (I know I’m repeating this but there must be reason behind it, right?)

NOTE: Apparently there has been a change. Vivek said that “Psychotherapy available on request” but we thought it over and realized that this years CW is just a notch above the earlier ones and so we got some physiotherapists. The physiotherapists will be available for consultation/treatment (or both) before/after/during the event (or all three). They have been placed at every possible corner of the school just in-case you require them urgently (I have no doubt, it will be urgent).

@TheGamers Bring your sports shoes along. You’ll need them to run as far as you can from the gaming lab plus they will help you reach the physiotherapists more quickly and therefore minimizing the mental trauma and damage that your brain will suffer.

You have the official font of  Code Warriors, Jokerman, don’t you?

And I’m sorry for all that bold but that should be the least of your worries right now. Don’t forget what 6*9 is.

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