Say Hi To The New Vice-President, Code Warriors! ;) Part #2

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This is is the second and last post of the series. You can read Say Hi To The New Vice-President, Code Warriors! Part #1 here. it is highly recommend that you read that before starting with this. Not that it would help, it would be considered nice on your side.

Dolty is getting eager and wants to type.


Electric Shocks Without Electricity Part #2:
Confident than before, less shaky than the rest and with a smile on his face (which was to conceal the fact that he was not confident was having an urge to run away after saying G2G to one of the teachers) Pulkit entered the room which had changed since the last time he was here. You very well know about the last time though.

“Ma’am may I come in?” said Pulkit in his hoarse voice which was followed by a teachers which to Pulkit sounded something like “Yes, beta”. The Vice-Principal was there. She is one ***** lady (*****=sweet, I don’t want Pulkit to get into trouble you know.)

Pulkit asked “Ma’am may I sit?” “Have a seat Pulkit” replied the Vice-Principal in her manly tone. First question and Pulkit was blown apart. “Why is Code Wars called so?” Pulkit felt like saying “Ma’am? Pardon? Come again? What kind of a question is that please? Have you got any sense?” He didn’t say it though. Instead he tried explaining it with the help of Computer terminology which I don’t think anybody got. “Ma’am” said Pulkit, which was then followed by a rather uncertain, non-confident answer; in short, a dent in Pulkit’s impression. “Coding as we know it is the very basic of Computer Science. From the simplest yet the most complex language Binary to high level languages like Python the basic is coding. We here at Code Wars, deal with computers. You name it, we do it. We fight for positions. Fight with our minds to get a podium finish so that we can get the overall trophy to our school. It is also a custom which was started by the founder of the club, Arun Darlie Koshy.”

The answer may seem good but it wasn’t because it had too many aaaa… and umm… in between. “Bas?! Yahi bologay? said the Vice-Principle with some disappointment in her voice. “Ma’am yahi ata hai” replied Pulkit with tongue in the cheek. “Acha answer nahin hai” said a teacher.

The answer may seem good but it wasn’t because it had too many aaa.. and umm.. in between. “Bas?! Yahi bologay? said the Vice-Principle with some disappointment in her voice. “Ma’am yahi ata hai” replied Pulkit with tongue in the cheek. “Acha answer nahin hai” said a teacher and laughed. She was of course joking.

“Ma’am I stammer” said Pulkit out of nowhere. “We understand” said a teacher. “And ma’am, I am proud of it.”

“Do you have any fond memoirs of your junior school?” asked the Headmistress. “Um…No, ma’am. I don’t remember any though I remember you. You gave me a certificate” “In which year did you pass the junior school?” asked the Headmistress. “Junior school as in 6th?” “Yes.” came a quick reply. “2004/2006 I think” answered Pulkit which uncertainty which could match no others. “2004 or 2006?” “Erm…Umm.2005” replied Pulkit after some prices calculation (he actually made it up). “Ahh well I was there in 2005” she said. Pulkit took a breather which was short-lived because he heard “You may go”. Reluctantly he stood up and went to the door after thanking all teachers. “”Are vapas ayo baat karte hain” said one of the teachers. Unexpected but true. Pulkit went back. “Tell me something about Code Wars” “Ma’am I’ll tell you about my history with Code Wars. Ma’am I have been a member of two years now. I gave my first Intra in 2007 i which I topped with 15 on a score of 30. I gave my second Intra in 2008 in which I scored 26 upon 30 and again topped but also aced it that time. I was taken in as member some months after that.” “Were you there when Code Wars was organized last year?” “Ma’am Code Wars did not happen last year. I t happened in 2008 in which I participated though had no hand in organizing since I was not a member back then”

Some more irrelevant questions were asked which Pulkit ruined to some extent.

When he came out the first word that he spoke were For The Win!


Though Dolty didn’t point it out but both my interviews were laugh riots. I was laughing at every moment. Saying LMAO would be wrong but you get the jist.

I had a line in my mind. Many of my good friends would know that I stammer and lose my cool when teased about that. I figured out a way by which I could use it as an advantage. I planned that I would say “Ma’am I stammer and I am proud of it.” A valid question which arises here is WHY? But as you may have already figured it out, no one asked why I am proud of it.

The answer to that the question WHY which could have been asked would be simple and ingenious. The answer was “Ma’am Shahrukh Khan is what he is because of his stammer. He stammered one word Ki-Ki-Ki-Kiran and he’s there at top, I have the ability to stammer whole sentences.”

4 thoughts on “Say Hi To The New Vice-President, Code Warriors! ;) Part #2

  1. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. The part about ShaRukh Khan – Pure genius. 😉

    Ok, in MY interview, the Vice-Principal asked me to SING one of my poems. I said, "…………….. Ma'am, sing?". VP- yes, beta. Seeng. seeng your best poem..
    me – uh…. i dont know how to sing…? (quite bold, might i say, seeing how I quite knew what she was talking about)
    A teacher next to her – Beta, recite it. (She actually smiled at me, so I started laughing)

    I wonder how I got the post after that. :  😛

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