Is Epic-The Browser Really Epic? [Review]

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Epic or Epic Fail?

Netscape Navigator, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox (*beloved*) and now Epic. Developed by Hidden Reflex, an Indian company, Epic is a browser which is heavily inspired by Mozilla Firefox. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it has not been actually inspired from Mozilla but is a rip off of Firefox. FF users who will switch to Epic  for testing purposes (me for instance) will feel at home… Besides a default Peacock colored theme and a rather flashy and unusable sidebar, this browser has nothing new if you don’t count some 1500 free applications which you will never use.

Epic or Epic Fail?
Epic or Epic Fail?

The sidebar of the browser may seem awesome at first but after a few days with the browser when you almost involuntary and by instinct open Firefox you realize how many centimeters of precious space that sidebar which you never used was occupying. In case you want to use the sidebar and access websites through it then be prepared to browse through mobile versions of websites. Totally opposite from what one would expect. And besides the fact that the sidebar cannot be removed or collapsed to decrease its size at least, you will be greeted by a very ugly looking dialog box telling what the sidebar is about and then go on about enumerating its various non-existent features. The sidebar in short _____ __ ___ ____ ____ (I think you can fill in the blanks).

Epic Fail Facebook mobile
Epic Fail Facebook mobile

Page-loading times are just fine. Slower than Chrome but not better than its daddy, Firefox. Sometimes the page-loading abruptly stops in between for no reason. Sometimes all you will get to see a bit of HTML in the pages at random places.

Browser crashing is not a problem. Epic doesn’t crash or at least didn’t while I was using it. It is heavy on memory though (just like Firefox). Takes about 10% more than what Firefox takes. But then crashes are rare too. Sometimes it gives me the option of “save and quit” sometimes it doesn’t. Half the time it gives me the option to save, it doesn’t restore and when it does it takes a lot of time to load everything to page file and hangs.

Epic also has a built in Antivirus whose definitions apparently need to be downloaded in order to use it (25 MB). Epic is also the first browser to incorporate an antivirus. I haven’t used the antivirus so it would be unfair on my part to comment on it. The Private Browsing option works flawless. Takes a second to start and a second to come back to normal. A big button has been provided on the status bar for easy and quick access.

The best thing about this browser is its ability to type in various Indian languages. Read on to know how it turns into PITA. You just press a small, almost invisible and definitely not there icon to open a small window screen in which you get to choose your language and then type in English script which is then converted to the language of your choice by Epic. It isn’t flawless but is still interesting. But this nifty feature of this browser makes it unusable and forces me to uninstall the browser.

There is a small drop down box which comes when you start typing anywhere. This box lets you choose your language in which you want the material to be typed in while you will still using an English lettered keyboard, typing in English only. The thing is that the code which is used to program this button gets copied everywhere. And this code is not of a line or two but nearly of 1400 words. I have uploaded a text file here for you to see the code. My readers who have subscribed by FeedBurner or WordPress mail subscriptions might have seen this code a couple of time in their in-boxes. Sometimes it also creeps on older post when I update them. It is long, ugly and has been written in JavaScript.

The browser also fails when it comes to remembering ID’s. I have been using Epic for 2 weeks now and have logged into Gmail countless number of times but still, I don’t know why, it still likes to remember my mum’s ID and not mine.

There are only three things good about Epic. a.) The download size of the setup is very small 10.4 MB. It may still be bigger than Firefox (though smaller than all else) but 10MB is still feasible. b.) Writing in your various Indian Languages c.) An in built Virus Scanner.

Epic seems to be a nice package if you want a browser to work on for a few days though switching to it from any other browser (except Internet Explorer) is not recommended. In short, you may pass this over-hyped Browser unless you want to type in Hindi without learning it.

PS: Download the Epic-Epic Bug file from here (.txt 30KB)

You may/may not want to  download the Browser. In case you want to, click here.

4 thoughts on “Is Epic-The Browser Really Epic? [Review]

  1. i m also agree with u. One more good thing abt epic is that as it hangs number of times on my laptop nobody likes to use it and so its convenient to use it to visit pornographic sites as no one opens it bcoz of hanging problem.

  2. i have been using epic for some time now and i am already fed up…. it is the primary cause of system hangings, often 2-3 times in an hour!… when downloads are on when the system hangs, they are completed but when we innocently start epic after a reboot, it simply wipes the completed downloads off!… on the whole, epic is a poor sister of firefox which also causes system hangings often…

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