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Blogging For Dummies-I don't need you anymore, Dan Gookin

Can’t believe it’s happening. My 100th post! This Blog’s 100th post! Let me cut the cake first.

The hundredth Post on my Blahg
The hundredth Post on my Blahg

It has been some time that I have been blogging and have also disappeared twice  from this Blog due to reasons here and here. This post could have been published way back had the events in the aforementioned links not taken place. By rising against all odds, here I am writing my 100th post or rather to say, typing the end of the First Chapter of  this shitty Epic Blog.

I have been wanting to write this post since so long. Even wrote a small draft of it on my iPod. I don’t remember what I wrote but one thing is for sure; It is not worth mentioning Here is a walk-through of  all this Blog which will stick only to the posts published till date (I hope).

It started with the post named My first blog post will not be about my first blog post. Rather rebelling but a little different definitely. The post which should have been the first…. was then published which turned out to one of the posts that I actually regret writing. From Mafia Whores (Mafia Wars tips and tricks,bugs exposed,and lot more) to how to Make an iTunes/App store account without using your credit card. From post CBSE board experience to Free Demonoid invite(s). From a poem from Savya Mittal to Why there isn’t a perfect gadget………..

In fact click here to see a list of All My Posts

Mind Seeing the Stats?

With almost 17000 views till date and 565 comments, this Blog has been nothing short of amazing stats wise.

I get most of my traffic from search Engine (or so I presume). The top three searched string have been:

Search Views
demonoid invite 190
teacher nearly kills a boy 122
counter strike 1.6 117
teacher nearly kills boy 96

Comments wise, no post can outrun Free Demonoid invite(s) post. It has registered about 180 comments so far and gets at least 2 comments everyday on average. The second post in the line is my First Post with 38 comments.

If average views per day are taken into account then there has been no lows and only highs all through. From 10 views on average per day in January average views per day in this month has risen to 250. WordPress.com doesn’t tell about Unique Visitors otherwise these stats would have been more interesting.

If you take top posts/pages into Picture the results are  quite surprising:

Title Views
Home page 3,675
Need For Speed: Shift Cheats (NFS) for i 1,765
Download softwares that together make iT 1,324
Free Demonoid invite(s) 798

The homepage views are quite understandable but the Need For Speed Post has gotten so many views and 0 comments. Geez. Bite me.

The Pages on the Blog

Besides writing posts I also put in some work in making Pages. There are, as of now, 8 pages on this Blog.

The pages don’t get as much traffic as some of my posts but I think they make the Blog a little more complete.

Blogging For Dummies-I don't need you anymore, Dan Gookin
Blogging For Dummies-I don't need you anymore, Dan Gookin

But traffic isn’t the only thing that makes me Blog. It is my new found love for writing that drives me. Traffic, though, is a motivator.

The next Goal that I have set for myself is to cross 100K views and write the 200th Post. Till then, you can subscribe to get free email updates from this blog directly to your inbox!

I had thought that my 100th post would an epic post. A post that everyone would remember. But looks like it ain’t going to be anything of that sort.

I’m off partying (which may/may not involve studying Chemistry).

I had told myself that I would call myself a newbie on the Blogoshpere until I write at least a hundred posts.

Signing off,

An experienced Blogger,

Pulkit Kaushik aka TheDolt 😉

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  1. Congratulations, and great work. Read from top to bottom. Honestly never read a blog before, and found your content to have a lot of info i'm interested in. You earned my subscription.

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