Say Hi To The New Vice-President, Code Warriors! ;) Part #1

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Firstly I apologize for not coming up with something interesting for the heading; those who are unaware: This was also my Facebook status (sorry, can’t link, all my status are protected for privacy purposes). Now coming to the point, I am now the Vice-President of Code Wars. I don’t think you have any idea how excited I am. Let me try giving you some.


I have been part of the club for 2 years now. Though it is less than what I wanted that to be, I’m still satisfied. I am in love with Code Wars and all Code Warriors 😉

From what I have been hearing people want to know about my interviews and my journey to becoming the Vice-President (a little exaggerated, I know). I am sorry but all you will get to know today is about the interview.

Two interviews took place with the first being of those who had submitted the form for school posts while the second were of the people who were selected after the first interview. After 119 kids in the first interview some 75 were selected for the second and final interview which was for 50 posts. 25 of us were destined to go back home, empty chested (no badge) handed.

My first interview besides being postponed for 4 days consecutively and every time making me mad with nervousness was quite um…short. It was the longest one if compared with all people but IMHO it was very short or rather shorter than I expected. Let me use my non-existent writing skills to portray what happened when I was inside the torture chamber interview room, twice:

The narrator is a literate honey bee who accompanied Pulkit in both the interviews and used to vanish the moment he came out of the rooms. You may wish to call the bee Dolty though it is definitely not her name. Four *’s signify the starting of Dolty’s narration while another four *’s signify the end.


Electric Shocks Without Electricity Part #1:

Pulkit enters a room. The sign put up on a brown colored plastic name plate outside reads Conference Room though no conference ever takes place. The conferences much to the dismal of the students, usually take place in the library. This story though is not about the people or the conference but is the chronicle of what happened in the room in the un-Godly hour when Pulkit went inside never to come back again.

“Good Morning” said Pulkit with confidence in voice that couldn’t match with that of any other. Though a little shaky and nervous he tried not to hide that fact. He knew he had to say “may I sit” and not “Can I sit” but fortunately that was not required since one of the 6 man eaters teachers offered Pulkit a seat.

“Applied for Code Warriors Vice President and Vice-Head Boy, right?” said one of the teachers. Pulkit doesn’t remember who it was; he was busy stopping his body from shaking and thus compromised on catching the names or face of the teachers for that matter. “Yes, ma’am” Pulkit replied with certain poise which he had always dreamt of using in an interview. He knew it would not be the end of the world if his doltness ruined the interview which he was about to blow apart (in a positive way).

“What is your credibility for the Vice-Head boy post?” came a question from somewhere towards Pulkit’s right. He was quick in replying “Ma’am I might not have achieved something substantial when it comes to academics but I think I can guide my juniors, my fellow classmates and even my seniors to some extent as to what they shouldn’t do. I took some wrong decisions in my earlier classes and don’t want my friends to do the same mistake. If I become the Vice-Head boy, I will be the epitome of what not to be. An epitome which will refrain students from doing what they morally and ethically shouldn’t do.”

The teacher looked pretty impressed though not certain as to what to say. Another teacher came to her rescue and asked Pulkit for many years had he been a member of Code Wars. Pulkit was prepared for this and replied one and a half years. “Thank you beta, you may go” came a sweet voice from Pulkit’s left side. A bewildered Pulkit said Thank you and left the room to be occupied by someone whose interview lasted only for 30 seconds.


Thank you Dolty! You summed it up pretty well! ;). It wasn’t an interview which you call highly impressive since they didn’t ask anything with which I could err. Bring Code Wars into the frame without breaking the frame or manhandling it at least. I wasn’t that inclined towards the Vice-Head boy post for many reasons. I can tell two of them here: a.) There is no respect. You will be treated as a nerd and teachers pet (and a rather filthy one at that). Always. b.) I love Code Wars a little too much to ignore the post.

The wait for the list of selected candidates started which was closely followed by the wait for the second interview. Needless to say, my name was in the second list. The second interview was postponed more number of times than the first one.

Also, I was paranoid whether I should wear a tie or not. I didn’t wear it for two reasons. First, a tie is not part of the summer uniform. Second, I don’t know how to tie a knot.

Dolty is getting anxious and wants to type.


Electric Shocks Without Electricity Part #2:
Confident than before, less shaky than the rest and with a………….

To be continued 😉

PS: If combined, the two posts add up to 1760 words which in my opinion is not quite feasible. Wait for it the next post! Its coming!

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