Trick To Bypass Facebook’s 420 Characters Status Update Limit

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I update my Facebook status very often. So often that some of my friends have even blocked me from their feeds because I was all over it. It is at that time when Facebook sometimes shows me a dialog box saying “Your status update is too long. The maximum status length is 420 characters, but it is 16401 characters long.”

Your status update is too long. The maximum status length is 420 characters, but it is 877 characters long.
OMG! 16k! Who are you? Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis?

It does happen sometimes (but if it is 16401, then you got some issues). It can be an excerpt from a poem or a quote from a book. A funny conversation between two people or a bunch of long links. We all have seen this screen at one time or the other.

One way to be pass it is to copy that status update and post it as a comment on a status something like “See below!” since comments have a huge character limit.

Another way is to post an image while updating your status and then write whatever you want under the description of the image which will look like a status update.

Upload a photo. Preferably a 1 pixel image.
Upload a photo. Preferably a 1 pixel image.

Upload an image, I use a 1 pixel image right click here and choose save link as to download the image). Upload it from your computer to Facebook once downloaded and write whatever you wan as your statust! No more 420 character limit for yo.! And tell me, is this trick not feasible?

Why did we use a 1 pixel image? Because it is small. Too small for anyone to even notice it.

And BTW, I inserted a 1 pixel image in the post. Did you notice it? 😉

PS: Using a 1 pixel image is not compulsory, any image can be used for that matter.

Download the 1 pixel image from here (right click and choose save link as or whatever option your browser may provide you)

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53 thoughts on “Trick To Bypass Facebook’s 420 Characters Status Update Limit

  1. The easy work around is to just use the status as a short description or title of your actual post. Then post the first comment as the complete post. No 420 limit in comments.

    Tags are not needed for status updates. Everyone who is your friend will see the update, that's how FB works. Tags are for other things, notes, links, pictures, etc.

    Also, my thought is that the 420 limit has to do with the fact that the status is shown at the top of the page and a longer status would screw up the layout.

    1. Actually, I guess the status doesn't display at the top anymore. So, no point in the 420 limit anymore. Must be residue from the old layout. Stupid FB.

  2. The 1-pixel image is a nice idea, but going to the page you suggested, the dot is not visible and, inspecting the element, it seems the .gif file format renders as MIME, and so cannot be saved. Perhaps you could post a 2-pixel image using the .jpg format. Thanks.

  3. Great trick. I had done it inadvertently once so I could not figure out why one post could be over the 420 and then it would not let me do it on others. Mystery solved – thanks.

  4. You. Are. Awesome.

    And YES, this bypass works great- until FB finds a way to thwart even this clever trick.

    Damn that Zuckerberg!

  5. Just like the guy said a few posts above, I did exactly as you said, zoomed, saved the dot (as a gif ) and did the rest, and while I can't see your dot on your article, I can clearly see the frame surrounding the little dot in my post, I mean I guess if you're not looking for it may not be spotted, but I definitely see it.

  6. My husband was just diagnosed with Acute Leukemia and I want to

    use facebook to let people know, give updates in one place, give out

    specific prayer request, use it as a journaling tool, and ask for the help we need . I decided

    facebook would work better than Caring Bridge for us because

    our friends are already using facebook therefore no link needs to be sent

    to everyone .

    The 420 limit was the only problem..obviously some of my post will be lengthy.

    This trick will be an enormous help to me !!!!

    Thank you

  7. AWESOME! This totally worked! Thank you!! You can technically use any photo you want….it'll just show up underneath your status so try to make it related to your status if possible. Thanks again for this!

  8. I always got the warning message when my STATUS post was over 420. However, my SHARE posts (link from another website, etc) always had a huge (never counted) allowance for character count to accompany the shared post.

    In early November that changed. The SHARE posts are now also at 420 characters – if you go over you do not get the warning message – so your post is cut-off.

  9. You are effing amazing and even though I don't know you, I completely love you right now! 😛 I have been looking all around trying to figure this out and I've read a few tutorials by some other people but still couldn't figure it out. Yours is the greatest! It's well put together and easy to follow!

    Thanks for taking the time to explain this for people like me 😛

    I have a few friends who have been trying to figure out this same problem and I will now be referring them to this page :o)

    Thanks again!

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