G@teway 2010

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G@teway 2010 was held at Montfort School, Ashok Vihar on 30th July 2010. Code Warriors have a of history blowing G@taeway apart and coming back to DPS VK with numerous small individual trophies and one large glistening (hopefully) overall Trophy. The story this year was unfortunately not the same.

G@teway 2010
G@teway 2010

I was skeptical if I would be able to participate in this or not. The initial date which had been planned for G@teway was 31st;Which turned out to be a Saturday (SHITJEE?Weekend batch? rings any bells?). I took a sigh of relief when the new date was announced. I badly wanted to go for the quiz but then settled for Surprise Event because somewhere down, I wanted that_one big trophy_. The day saw me somehow, I don’t know how, waking up on time (that doesn’t mean my mom didn’t shout at me; She was still able to find something to scold me about) and somehow, maybe magically, catching the school bus where it it supposed to be caught. While in the school Pulkit Jaiswal wanted to screw a PC for some reason for which I helped him though we he failed miserably at it. The bus ride to Ashok Vihar was rather comfortable and before I forget to mention, I beat Vaibhav (7elysium) in Harry Potter Spells, thrice.

Though we unfortunately arrived a little late and missed most of the Principles speech (Yay me!) we got in time to see the official video of G@teway 2010 which left me colon capital O. Pretty awesome stuff in that video.

Announcements were made and people started leaving for their respective events. Karthick and Vivek left for the quiz followed by the Programming team consisting of Akash and one another guy which were then followed by Anirudh and Pulkit Jaiswal for Benchmarking. Nitin Jerath went for DI while Aditya went off to game. I was in for a surprise (literally) and was expecting the unexpected to happen expectedly. Teamed up with Vaibhav, I was pretty confident that if anything except Video-Editing. programming, audio editing and peeling bananas came we would blow it (actually we did).

After the long (and slow) stroll disguised in the name of a walk we saw ourselves before a computer lab which had computer which belonged to pre-Dinosaur era (I’m positive that I smelled a T-Rex while at it). We tried to sit on a computer which looked good but I think everyone else had already thought of that and put it into action. The computers weren’t actually bad and had a gig RAM.

We were given a crossword, something which I wanted. But Erm..the crossword did not have any clues to which I went “Dude. what are supposed to do? Make stuff and write it?” which was then replied by some guy with “Your time starts now!”. They did  explain the rules or so to say instruction. The clues were on the computer under a folder which they told us.

The first thing I did was “Show all hidden files” though it didn’t help. There were clues in notepad which seemed to easy for a first look.

………….it is hard to believe there was a time when a cult sci-fi superhero film like Mr. India was released. Mr. India brought the concept of invisibility into our minds – and Cloak of Invisibility made sure we wouldn’t forget it…… Surprisingly, the last place we search is the most obvious place, the desktop…….

I knew what it was. It had to be the invisible folder [More info here]. I tried making random rectangles in order to find it. *We found it and deleted it*. I had a talk with the Arjun Attam who made the event. He was a bit surprised but finally told us that he will give us marks for it. We then moved on..

…..They’re excellent at making bumpers. They have a strange address, a part of which should be easy to decode: z/z z/0………

Me: Abe sun! Dekh z/0 to infinity ho gaya aur z/z ho gaya one!

Maybe a cat died somewhere or someone shouted 24 because we left the clue (or the answer as I should say) there and started cracking some other one. The answer was quite obvious and easy. 1 and infinity= 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, California. Need I say more?

Then there was thing question to which answer was Windings whose clue file was named Ground()

We commence this event with a very eventful day – 11th of September, 2001. ……. But I do, and I want everyone to know about it….Everything connects – there I said it again. But completing these connections is often cumbersome, and cumbersome is what you’ll have to go through….

Some more clues, we reached the door behind which was the answer but no door had a doorknob.

I slapped my forehead quite a few times while the answers were being told. The event was awesome. Well done Arjun!

As we heavily left the room and headed for the hall were were told that Aditya didn’t qualify for 2nd round of gaming. Sad.

The refreshments were good. No, I am joking. Barely anyone except me and Aditya ate the Kulcha that we all were given. Aditya even ate the Idli, whos sister I had thrown in the dustbin a few minutes before because it was smelling like an egg. Nitin Jerath had turned 15 a few days ago so we ripped him off at the canteen (non-literally).

The GD was fun to see. The topic which one of them had was The DMCA And Its Recent Amendments. The participants however discussed Why Should One Jailbreak His iPhone at a great length. Wrong facts were followed with participants telling that Jailbreaking should not be done. May I ask a question Why?

After an hour or so, the situation was crystal clear before us. Overall was not in our hand since we didn’t get a podium in Surprise Event, DI and Gaming. Karthick and Vivek qualified for the finals while the Benchmarking guys were pretty confident about  a podium. The quiz finals were fun and was dominated by DPS RKPee. Vivek and Karthick came second. FTW!. Got third in Bechmarking. FTW!.

Now the saddest thing of all. I don’t remember which school got the overall. Maybe it was RKPee or was it Dwarka? Who cares anyway..Oh! and I found this though couldn’t find tree number 42, thanks to the cooperation of Aditya Salapaka. Image will be uploaded soon with lots of videos form the event.

PS: I think I have made some typos in the names. I am too lazy to check them so point out if there any.

The archives of G@TEWAY 2010 can be downloaded from here

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  1. Nice review! Good to hear that you liked the intro video, I actually made it the previous night. You can watch it here. Do you want the Gateway C++ Programming and Debugging paper? I could upload it if you want me to.

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