G@TEWAY 2010 [Archives, Pics and Videos]

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Fell 3 short

Like This!

Fell 3 short
Fell 3 short

The quiz Finals will be uploaded soon till then you can download the Quiz Prelims from here [53.98KB]

UPDATE 1: Quiz Finals have been uploaded by Aditya Salapka and can be downloaded from here

The surprise Event can be downloaded from here. (Thanks to Arjun Attam and Vivek Nair)

I have the Benchmarking paper too but you will have to wait for it!

Update 2 : Benchmarking archive can be downloaded from here.

Update 3: C++ Programming and Debugging paper can be downloaded from here. (Thanks to Shikhar)

And plus I have the full Quiz recorded. Still uploading, so you all I can tell you is to wait. This post will be updated as in when required.

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