Facebook Giving Out Free Credits

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I got 15 free Facebok Credits

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Facebook just gave me 15 Facebook Credits. 15 Facebook credits are equal to $1.5. This money can be used to purchase things in games on Facebook. I tried using this money for Facebook Ads but Facebook didn’t allow me. I received it when I was opening an application. Needless to say, the application didn’t open.

Facebook Gave You 25 Free Credits
You received 15 free Facebook Credits (a $1.50 USD value). Use them to buy premium items in your favorite games on Facebook. Go play!

I got 15 free Facebok Credits
Free Facebook Credits.

10 Credits are equal to $1 and the number of credit that Facebook might give you is random. I got 15 but I have seen people you got 25 and 35. And no, it is not a Spam.

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