Facebook To Get Threaded Comments [Rumour or Truth?]

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Facebook to get threaded comments?

Like This!

I carried out a small survey in my school asking people which feature would they like to see on Facebook or what is the one thing that Facebook is missing. I received some very obvious answers like a dislike button (it is not going to happen my friends) and some very out of the box answers like an auto tagging feature for photos on Facebook. I asked them if they would appreciated threaded comments or not. The initial reaction from most people was “Erm..What is that?” Once I explained the reply to comment feature the response went something on average like “That. would. be. awesome!”

The reason I bought this topic up today is that I remember seeing seeing threaded comments on Facebook a few days back. Though that was their only sighting and no other credible proof could be found. I took this screenie to  iterate the fact that Facebook might just be getting nested comments.

Facebook to get threaded comments?
Facebook to get threaded comments?

The screenshot is obviously not of the post on which I saw the new comment system (couldn’t take a screenshot :() but is just reiterating what I said earlier.

See here for Why Facebook Will Never Get A Dislike button

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