The Baby Is Here! (He's Fat, Tall And With A Large Behind)

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Like This!

After 45 days of restlessness, anxiety and relentless pestering I finally have a monitor. FTW! It is not one of those Ultra Slim LCDs and is definitely not skinnier than Kate Moss’s wrist, nor is it HD. To spoil the fun even further, it is a CRT. Who uses CRTs nowadays? Even Government offices have those 17-19 inch beauties hooked up to those badly assembled PCs! But still, it is way better than my earlier monitor which passed away to become a part of Hell (where did you expect it to go?).

This 17 inch Samsung SyncMaster 763DFX (acquired from the French Embassy) has an ass and a huge one at that. The behind of this monitor is just too long. He doesn’t even fit on my Computer table properly and leaves only about an inch of space at the far end of the table. But I don’t actually care because it does what it is supposed to do, that is, work. And needless to say, post frequency on this Blog will increase since now, I. have. a. monitor. FTW!

PS: It is white and doesn’t suit the colour scheme of the cabinet, keyboard et al one bit.

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