TCS IT Wiz 2010 Dates Announced

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The dates for the most prestigious event of the year in Tech quizzing has been announced! The battle for the coveted trophy of TCS IT Wiz will kick off  from Hyderabad and then move towards  the hub of  tech quizzing- none other than PickBrain’s hometown, Bangalore. The city to witness the last prelims of TCS IT Wiz 2010 will be Mumbai which will host it one day after the prelims will be conducted in Delhi.

Dates are Tentative and subject to change.

Delhi-  November 27, Saturday, venue to be announced later.

Ahemdabad- August 12, Thursday

Mumbai- November 28, Sunday

Coimbatore- August 25, Wednesday

Lucknow- November 16, Tuesday

Pune-  August 3, Tuesday

Hydrabad- July 29, Thurday

Chennai-  August 18, Wednesday

Kolkatta-  September 3, Friday

Bangalore- August 5, Thursday

Bhubhneshwar September 6, Monday

Kochi  29, Wednesday

For more details concerning the venues, head here.

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  1. I got a rather disaml 47%! (Although in my defence, I didn’t go looking in the books for the answers, I just guessed if I couldn’t remember). Clearly I stink at remembering names. I remember the actions (like the guy who cut the chip out of himself) but not his name.

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