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My last post certifies that I am alive but I like to believe otherwise mainly for reasons which if told here would require a NSFW notice above the post beforehand. And however difficult may it seem for you to digest this but I still do not have a monitor and the possibilty of getting one in the near future is very slim. The last post concerning TCS IT Wiz was written in the I-Lab of my school on THE Pavna, which was later occupied (read me being told to get out) by some kids (read non-Code Warriors) who had to make a PPT (screw them).

I check my mail, Facebook, blog stats et al on my iPod which did feel a PITA at first but I have now got used to it. Its a brilliant device if you want to know what’s going around in the cyber world but not one with which you can contribute to the cyber world. Reading mails is sweet but replying is bitter. Catching up with friends in Facebook is easy but no working option to chat is available. Battery feels non-existent and the device needs to be plugged in to the socket all the time (thank God I bought a wall charger and did a untethered Jailbreak). Typing isn’t actually difficult but without key feedback ( tak-tak sound) I don’t feel like typing to great lengths, so ciao for now.

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