You have already read the first poem written by Savya Mittal that I published a couple of months back. This poem named_Dark Night_ is not exactly his newest but it is good. I love the ending the most. I hope you will like it too 🙂

Dark Night

The night that is visible now
Is only evident of the coming up day
Pack your bags and shake the dust of yourself
To rise up to the morning sun
Whenever you feel there is no one beside you
Extend your hands because there is someone new
Waiting for you just you
To take up their hand
Someone whom you dont know
And you are in this night alone because
You are supposed to meet this new being
So dont miss a chance thinking of the old ones you have
Think of the ones you will be with because of this Dark night.

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3 thoughts on “Dark Night

  1. thanx yar….seriously ek bat bolun…iski starting mujhe khud yad nahi thi….end bhi padh ke yad ayi hai…

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