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My Mitsubishi 15VX (it’s my monitor) stopped working today. This incident has followed the demise of my modem, my graphics card, my motherboard( It was revived) and my RAM ( it was repaired). Just like my motherboard I am not sure how much time it will actually take for nitome to get hold of a new mor or to get this one repaired (I hope not!). Till then,  I must bid goodbye to blogging. 7elysium will take over the Blog hopefully and write some posts.

The frequency of posts for the last 20 days has been nothing short of amazing for an unemployed ever free guy like me. I had planned to write a post on jailbreaking the iOS 4 but I think that will need to wait (read abandoned). Plus I had a post on” H2G2 and the AppStore” which will also need to wait (don’t read abandoned).

It’s after so much time that I’m finally blogging about my life rather than about Apple (I am no Fanboy) but what a shame, I can’t write more since I am blogging from my iPod.

To tell everything quickly, I have taken (yes, not given but taken) Science with computers in 11th. People have been saying that I should have taken Economics but I differ. I want to learn programming which I will never be able to unless somebody teaches it to me and I have don’t have any interest in bringing any part of SST back into my life, I have already suffered much.

My school is supposed to start on the 1st of July but I fear (read hope) it will not if the temperature continues to remain the same. If you know me or have been following my Blog you might have realized that I do not follow football. But with my Monitor down I have nothing to do all day so I am activating the Sports channel on TataSky in order to watch matches.

-Written from iPod

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4 thoughts on “TheDolt Bids Goodbye

  1. Never expect me to comment on your blog from now on you scum.Football is not something you watch or play when you get bored.You do it because it's the best thing there is!!

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