Counter Strike 1.6. More than just a game.

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Counter Strike 1.6

This post was originally published as a note on Facebook by a very close friend of mine, Vishal Tripathi. Vishal was a Code-Warrior (passed out this year) and usually went for Programming events and had gotten into a habit of not coming empty handed from competitions. He has a new found love is his life, which incidentally is none other than the game which  for years has gripped the world and promises not to loosen its grip anywhere in the near future.  Counter Strike. The following note written by Vishal empathises on why Counter Strike is more than just a game.

Little did I know that my character, individuality and psyche would be so emphatically influenced when my brother first introduced me to the best tactical first-person shooter game ever made, Counter Strike (CS). And even now, whenever I put on my headphones and start manoeuvring the mouse ruthlessly with the sole motive of annihilating my enemies, I still feel that instant rush of adrenaline that I had felt when I played it for the first time. That is the distinctive specialty of this game which makes it so effectively peerless.

My relationship with PC and video games has been an old one. I still remember when Dad bought me a Gameboy Video Game and I used to spend endless hours playing Contra, Mario, Duck Hunt, Street Fighter, Pac-Man etc. Then when I had my first PC, the obsession continued with FIFA ’98, Test Drive, Road Rash and Recoil. But somewhere down the line, there was always something missing in them. ‘Something’ that makes you oblivious to the surroundings for that moment. ‘Something’ that can keep you engaged for ages. ‘Something’ that brings out the more frantic and combative part of you. And CS precisely filled this vacuum.

Counter Strike 1.6
Counter Strike 1.6

For those who have little or no idea of what CS is all about, I would like to put a few points in the nutshell. Counter Strike, as I said is first-person shooter game where a player spawns as a Terrorist (T) or as a Counter-Terrorist (CT) at two different points on an area of a map (a level as we may say naively). Terrorists can win a round by either successfully exploding the bomb (C4) or by eliminating the opposite force. Similarly CTs can romp home by either defusing the planted bomb or by eliminating the Ts. Team members earn money by killing an enemy, winning the round, planting the bomb (for Ts), defusing the bomb (for CTs) or by rescuing a hostage (for CTs). These round bonuses help you to buy pistols, rifles, grenades, kevlars, ammo and other equipment. That is all as far as our mission in the game is concerned and that makes this game highly tactical and logistic in nature. You don’t have to ponder much over ‘what to do’ instead ‘how to do’ and ‘how to do it better than others. Exclusive prudence has been observed by the designers of the game to make the game as authentic and irrefutable as the real world by including various features such as recoiling of the gun, hitting through walls (spamming) by rifles only etc., faster movement while carrying a knife rather than a rifle and many other that we stumble upon as we play.

Personally for me, Counter Strike has been my instrument of escape from various realities of life. Be it studies, or whenever I feel annoyed, or in a distasteful mood or simply as a means of procrastination. For the same reason I had to denounce CS for over 8 months during the previous months. But now again the zest, the afflatus, the craving has resurfaced and I am already on an overdose (but only for now). It is a game that I will recommend to everyone who uses a computer. Believe me you won’t regret it. And don’t fear the addiction because its worth it. After all I worship the man who said “The time you enjoy wasting is time not wasted”.

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