Transfer files (PDF, DOC) through USB instead of Wi-Fi on your iPod touch, iPad and iPhone

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The root folder in your iPhone in the iPhone Browser (Image 1 of 4)

If you are using an application to view PDFs or .Doc files or any file that your reader (GoodReader, ePapyrus et al) supports for that matter, you must have gone through the tiring process of sending files through your Wireless (Wi-Fi) router/modem by creating a P2P connection. To activate a P2P connection, all you need to do is to feed the correct host URL and Port Number in your browser. You will then be able to send files Wirelessly to your iPod or iPhone.

If you have a laptop or a computer with Wi-Fi (not a Wi-Fi router) sending files is a breeze since it allows you to send multiple files at once. But what if you, like me, don’t have Wi-Fi on your PC? We can still send files but only send one at a time (P2P method). While that may be feasible for some, it ain’t for me. I have 200+ files on my iPod. Did I send them through my Browser? No. Did I get hold of a Laptop with Wi-Fi? No. Then how did I do it? Read on.

People who do not have Wi-Fi enabled routes can also use this method since there is no method without Wi-Fi except this one.

With this method you can send any number of files to your iPod touch. All there needs to be is free space.

The requirements :

  • You need a Jailbroken iPhone/iPod touch/iPad (half of my readers leave).
  • Download and install iPhone Browser. You can get it from here (550 KB)
  • SSH need to be installed. To install SSH, go to Cydia or Rock and search for SSH. Install the first application that comes and you are good to go. (half of my readers leave)

If you made it this far then the shore isn’t away. Just follow me.

  • Connect your iPhone or iPod touch to your PC through USB.
  • Let the iDevice Sync and let iTunes take a backup. Now open iPhone Browser.
  • Now go to Root/User/Applications

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  • There are some randomly named folders. Go into each one till you find the name of your Application written (in case of GoodReader it is
  • There must be a Folder named Document. Open it and copy paste all your files you want to send top your device!. This folder houses all the files.

If you survived this far then congrats, you are good to go. Changes are instant. The second you plug out your device and open your app you will be able to see the files and access them! Piece of cake, wasn’t it?

Like This!

Once you get hold of this workaround, sending files will never be a PITA.

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  1. I would actually prefer to read my ebooks on my psp,rather than an ipod touch. Reason? Simple. Widescreen. More characters per page.

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