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Today, I finally got my hands on this app called Kopfnuss that I have wanted for quite some time now.

Kopfnuss is a mental arithmetic training app and  a few minutes of  Kopfnuss every morning would undoubtedly make your mental arithmetic (maths) considerably faster.

Kopfnuss has 2 game modes, exercise and time trial.


There’s no time limit. Just do each exercise with your speed and sharpen your brain. Each exercise has 10 questions.The wrong answers are corrected and Kopfnuss will give you the same question again some other time, which is a really, really good feature as it not only challenges your quick thinking but also enhances your retention power.

Kopfnuss Exercise
Kopfnuss Exercise

Time Trial

You have 90 seconds to do all the questions you can and then compare your score with others. The time limit checks out how fast and effectively you can work when stressed or tense.

Kopfnuss Time Trial
Kopfnuss Time Trial

Kopfnuss has 3 levels: Easy, Normal and Hard. There’s a big jump in difficulty between each of them which is nice and adds a lot of value to the game.

The app  is really well presented with amazing graphics and visuals. The menus, buttons and animations are just brilliant. One of the best I’ve seen on the iPod/iPhone. Raijin software has really done a good job with the visuals.

Kopfnuss also has really good Facebook integration so that you can post your scores and compare them with your friends on Facebook.

Another really thing that I like about the app is the Statistics page. Kopfnuss tracks all your records and makes a neat graph out of it so you can review your previous performances and work accordingly.

Kopfnuss Statistics
Kopfnuss Statistics

Kopfnuss is an app which has no age limit and can be enjoyed by both children and adults alike. Deceptive in the apparent simplicity of the questions, it will doubtlessly be a challenge for people of all age groups. It is a frustrating but enjoyable and highly beneficial experience when you find yourself stuck at a question that you would once have passed off as easy. It might come as a shock to many who think themselves smart how much time they take in answering simple arithmetic questions. It is these basics only which can be a true judge of our mental ability. It is not book learnt (Read rote learnt) intelligence. In fact, the simple questions are another asset in the fact that people of all education levels can use the app to sharpen their minds. It doesn’t only help in improving arithmetic but also enhances your mental skills, quick-thinking, and retention abilities.

Kopfnuss is like a virtual classroom, beginning smooth to let you get the hang of things and then gets challenging as you progress, but this is one math class that no one wants to come to an end!

I would highly recommend you buying this app as it is a great combination of fun and learning and is totally worth the money.

Apple AppStore link to the App [Price $0.99]

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  1. It's recommended for all ages and everyone who wants to train his mental arithmetic capabilities. It has a age-rating of 4+ in the app store. Give it a try.

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