Newest Feature on Facebook: "I like your comment"

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I like your comment! Just press the like button on Facebook on any post!

Facebook has taken the Like feature to a totally new level. They have just incorporated a totally new feature which allows users to Like a comment. Have you ever written something like  ” ^I like that!” ? Of course you have! Now all you need to do is press the like button!

I like your comment! Just press the like button on Facebook on any post!
I like your comment! Just press the like button on Facebook on any post!

The feature has unfortunately not been opened to all users as of now (I am one of the lucky ones!). This feature will I am sure take discussions on Facebook to a totally new level.

Similar to liking a status update, when you click “Like” on a comment the commenter will receive a notification. Other people who can see the comment based on its privacy setting also will be able to see who has liked the comment.

The reason for rolling out the feature which is given in the official post is

So like peanut butter and jelly, we realized these two features would go better together. Starting today, most of you will see a small “Like” button appear underneath comments. We’re rolling this out gradually, so if you don’t see the new button yet you will soon.

Well, I am game!

PS: I don’t think a “dis-like” button will ever be added, so stop waiting for it 🙂

UPDATE: It looks like the Like button is available only for new comments. Comments made before the Like comment feature was added cannot be liked.

UPDATE II: This was the first Blog/website on the Internet and I was the first blogger to write about this new feature. I published it even more the best Technology blogs like Mashable et al did. 😀 Facebook activated the Feature at 11:36 PM IST and this post was published at 11:45. Flat 9 minutes.

Like this if you like the new feature!! Like This!

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3 thoughts on “Newest Feature on Facebook: "I like your comment"

    1. a.) I published the post 9 minutes after Facebook published its note.

      b.) I googled some random strings related to the new feature before I started writing and the only valid result was from Facebook.

      c.) Mashable then published a post but I had already published my by then. Searched again and Mashable was the only website showing a valid post related to the new feature.

      So I was the first, wasn't I? (excluding blogs like mine which didn't get indexed quickly).
      I actually don't care about it much now since Google didn't index my Blog at the right time and therefore publishing the post quickly didn't serve it's purpose.

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