WordPress, Don’t you care if Twitter is down?

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Either something is wrong with WordPress.com or I need to stop Blogging. You read my last post, #whiletwitterwasdown, did you? I wrote that post after I reliased that twitter is down. The stats on my Dashboard tell me that I didn’t even get one view on that post, leave alone a comment. Well, I published the post. Pasted links on Facebook and on my Blog’s Fan page on Facebook. Then how is it possible that I didn’t even get one damn view?!

The only reason I can think of is that WordPress.com is not showing me stats for a post that was published 19 hours ago is because of the title starting with a # and followed by words without ‘space’ in between them resulting in meaningless title (at least for computers).

I have now changed the Title from #whiletwitterwasdown to While Twiter Was Down.

This was one post from which I was expecting some traffic to come but alas.

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