While Twitter Was Down

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Well, yes. After having issues with missing tweets and incorrect tweet counts yesterday and being down for almost the whole night Twitter is back or almost back. Most of the tweets are gone.

Twitter status blog says this on the issue of incorrect tweet counts;

Some users are noting inconsistencies in tweet counts. This is purely a display issue and the tweets are not lost or missing. We are working to fix this underlying problem with counts.

Twitter status blog says this on the issue of Site Availability Issues Due to Failed Enhancement of Our Timeline Cache

Update: 11:51 PM PDT: We’re  recovering from the site outage. Remember, users may temporarily experience missing or duplicate tweets from their timelines. Normal timelines will be restored shortly.

Update: We’re currently experiencing site availability issues resulting from the failed enhancement of a new approach to timeline caching. Our infrastructure and operations engineers are currently working to resolve this. We’ll update you soon with an ETA.

Update: 10:17 PM PDT:  Users may temporarily experience missing tweets from their timelines. They will be restored shortly.

I am definitely not a twitterholic but it is interesting to know that I may not have tweeted about my most recent Blog post or about the fungi-ridden bread I ate in the morning but a week back I tweeted about this problem which I suppose I was one of the first user to face. My tweet was something like this “Where did the tweets made to me go? My @me page is almost empty”.

Welcome back Fail Whale, please go ASAP

And this was the tweet after which my twitter completely died taking the Timelines with it;

A few days back I made a tweet ‘Where did all my tweets go?” Now I know the answer. http://bit.ly/d4GZWt #WhileTwitterWasDown

PS: Ironic isn’t it, liking a Twitter Fail post on Facebook

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