iPhone OS 4 has been renamed to iOS 4with the bump to version 4. Some 100 new features (according to apple) are coming along with the name change, including biggies like multitasking, a unified inbox, app folders, and data detectors.

Apple says iOS 4 will arrive for the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and the iPod touch on June 21 and it’ll be free for iPod touch owners for the first time, which is nice.  🙂

Not all features will be supported across all devices. Like Multitasking, custom wallpapers and Bluetooth keyboard support will only be available on iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch 3rd Gen (32 & 64GB models bought in late 2009). Since I am an iPod touch 2G owner, not being able to change my home screen wallpaper basically kills the main reason I was excited about iOS 4. Also, the 1st gen iPod touch is left out completely :'(  [sorry,1st generation owners…]

Here are the main new features in iOS4:


Apple has finally added multitasking support to some of its iDevices. This feature allows the running of 2 apps. simultaneously(duh!). So now you can listen to Pandora radio while chatting with your friends on Skype (or Facebook).


Folders now allow you to have 2160 apps in total (Wow!) instead of 148 (meh…)  that you can have right now. Each folder can have 12 apps and the names of the folders have a 13 character limit.


Now you can make your playlists on the iPod itself. Earlier you could only make ‘On-The-Go’ playlist but then one playlist just doesn’t suffice.


I personally really like this app. It’s a brilliant ebook reader that supports PDF format. You can purchase ebooks specifically made for iBooks from apple’s online bookstore in ePub format (weird name…).

There are, of course, other awesome features as well, but I’m a little too lazy to write stuff about them, so I’ll just list some of them here:

  • Unified inbox for all your mail.
  • Ability to change the home screen wallpaper.
  • Ability to gift other people apps from the app store.
  • Bluetooth keyboard support.
  • Spellchecker that works with mail, notes and other apps.
  • Ability to see photos based on who’s in them and where they were taken.

So, that’s basically it for iOS 4.

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