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Setting up the projector

Like This!

It was on Thursday that I was finally sure that I could go for the Event. But I hadn’t finalised my team by then. Saurabh Chaudhary was in for sure but there was room for two more people. I thought that it would actually be better to get hold of another person since 4 people per team were allowed. So Saurabh persuaded Tushar Krishnan to come to the quiz. Tushar, if you don’t already know, is an amazing quizzer and knows how to keep his cool in a quiz, unlike Saurabh who knows otherwise. But no doubt that Saurabh is also brilliant quizzer when it comes to General Stuff, unlike me. Saurabh also dragged along Parthiv Ghosh just like I had dragged along Saurabh.

Since the theme of the quiz was general I had mentally prepared myself not care about the one’s I don’t get. The thing is that I specialise in tech quizzing and I am an expert in blowing away General Quizzes (literally).  So with the team finalised, I waited for 12th to come.

The day

Going to 2LT II

I took an auto from my place in order to reach IIT-Delhi. Entered the campus and went – ‘Oh!’ The aura! It was amazing! Don’t have words for it. Not that I haven’t been to IIT-D before, but the last time I went (TCS IT Wiz 2009) it was packed with people. At least the area near the Dogra Hall was jam packed with kids and their cars. This time it was just me walking through the campus under a cool blue sky (it stayed like that for about a minute after which the ruthless Sun re-appeared.) For one moment in that one minute a feeling to study emerged from inside and something told me that I need to get in here as an IITian. But the thought vanished the moment the Sun had reappeared.

I initially had a little trouble finding the Hall. But not as much as Tushar since he interpreted 2LT II as 282 . I reached the place quite early than it was  required. Prateek and Amrit were already there outside the hall since the hall was locked (we missed Daya). So just had to wait outside. People then started coming. The hall opened at about 10:40 and I entered. The hall was nice with amazing seats which provided an unobstructed view of the stage. Slowly the people started pouring in. I went out to get hold my teammates which had obviously got lost (maybe the beauty of the Campus hypnotised them).

WHATEVER! --- The prelims answer sheet.
WHATEVER! --- The prelims answer sheet.

With the team ready we grabbed seats. Made ourselves comfortable only to be ordered to go sit at the back (not complaining). Prateek and Amrit along with other people like Karmanya and Prashant had some problem setting up the projector at which Aditya came to rescue. We made our own points table (and thank God we made it!) With everything set-up the Quizmasters started the quiz.

Setting up the projector
Setting up the projector

The quiz [Prelims]

First question and we go boom! No idea at all. It was related to the movie La Dolce Vit. We skipped it. Got to know afterward that the answer was Paparazzi! Sitter! But we had already missed it.

Second, third, fourth……fifteenth. I think we continued a streak of correct answers till the 15th question with most of the answers coming from Tushar, and me just telling him that he is correct or not. I personally didn’t get many correct till the fifteenth one (about 5) but after that I contributed some answers like Voodoo (really easy, I know. This question was originally asked in DPS Vasant Kunj Quiz Club Intra), Twitter and some more. It was when the WiMAX question came that I got confused. I had seen or heard that question before but just couldn’t recollect. The answer was Pakistan. Thanks to Aditya Salapaka, I missed this one and we wrote Japan instead. The same continued throughout with us missing a few here and there. Finally when we checked the answers, we had 23, the highest. Could have easily got 26.

The hall (I know the quality sucks, my phone apologises from the bottom of his heart)
The hall (I know the quality sucks, my phone apologises from the bottom of his heart)

The quiz was actually very good with some amazing trivia that left me cursing myself. I wrote a short note on concerning the quiz, you might want to have  a look

PS: Prateek somehow succeeded in shutting down the laptop while the quiz was going on and could only get it back after a quarter of an hour had passed 😛

After the Prelims

We got out of the hall to get something to eat. Tushar was constantly bugging to go back in case they start the quiz finals without us. I assured him that they’ll wait or at least give us a call. After all we were qualifying for sure.

Grabbed a coke form IIT-D cafe and went back to the hall. The highest were ours (they didn’t reveal it, we just know). Cut-off was 15. 8 teams had to qualify. One thing that made me sad was that beside the 8 teams that had qualified, only a few kid stayed back to watch the finals. I wouldn’t have missed it for anything even if my team hadn’t qualified. How can somebody miss the final round of a quiz?

The Finals

The rules were very simple. Infinite bounce and +10 for correct answer. I can sum it up in four words.

It. Was. A. Riot

With 4 kids in a team discussion is bound to happen. And some of that even leads to raised voices. That was the case with almost every team which qualified except team 1. There team actually had 4 individual participants acting as a team of their own and one participant answering two times for one question. That equals 8 answers. They got a few points like that but Prateek and Amrit caught hold of them quickly. They were just blurting out the answers without discussing it with the team members first.

Microphones were missed. It  could have been so much better. (I saw a a pair of speakers lying on the table though). Everyone was just shouting to get heard except a few teams. That is tolerable and quite understandable but it affected the overall impression of the quiz a bit. Though I have to say here that Prateek, Amrit and all the people managing the quiz did a tremendous job. Going to every table to hear their answers and trying their best which was good enough 🙂 Prateek was cool throughout though Amrit got a bit irritated after some time 😛 (Miley Cyrus it was).

My team was having a blast! Laughing at almost everything and going into fits every now and then, courtesy Saurabh Chaudhary.

The questions were fantastic though Trivia was missed. We were bouncing between the 1st and 2nd position throughout the quiz and ended 2nd with 85 points according to us. But according to Prashant and the quizmasters we had come third with 80 points which afterward reduced to 75 which meant that we lost, didn’t even get a podium finish. Team 8, with a guy named Angad in it won.

After the Finals

I was perturbed due the fact that we had 75 because I was damn sure that my team had 85 (we were keeping a local scorecard with us). We started re-collecting all the questions and failed miserably. I suggested that we should have a look at the quiz presentation and all the questions once again but everyone refused. Then we started re-collecting all the answers and this time it worked. To get a score of 85 we must have answered 9 questions since we got 5 marks for one question and 10 for all other 8. We remembered 7 but could not remember the other 2. We decided that we’ll have a look at the PPT once it’s uploaded on . But there was no need for it……

We started walking out and had covered quite a distance when I was suddenly enlightened by something (maybe the IIT aura ;)) and I remembered the last two answers; Monsoon Wedding and B.P. Mandal!

WOOT! And then we ran! Ran like fanatics toward the hall (at least Saurabh and me did). Shouted from nearly 100 meters away

Prateek! We remember all the 9 answers we gave!

And then we had a tie breaker. 3 questions. The other team got 1 out of 3 right and we got none so we became the 2nd runners up. But wait, there’s more…. Since the team that came third had already left and it would seem highly disrespectful to take away their position we were awarded the second position with the other team with which We had a Tie Breaker. 😀

The Certificate (We received only 1)
The Certificate (We received only 1 certificate 🙁 )

All in all an amazing day because of an even more amazing quiz. The team put up an amazing show! Kudos to them!

You can download the Quiz archive from here.

PS: Parthiv Ghosh and Saurabh Chaudhary are women:  Source; Saurabh Chaudhary.


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7 thoughts on “ Quiz at IIT-Delhi [The Event]

  1. Good fun… and a pretty good quiz too. Saurabh was at his hysterical best.
    @pulkit: you forgot the 'kaccha' part.

  2. Prateek somehow succeeded in shutting down the laptop while the quiz was going on and could only get it back after a quarter of an hour had passed 😛

    Arre it shut down on its own! Still a mystery. Sorry for the goof-up. We will use better laptops next time 🙂

    And Congrats! Your team did really well.

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