Download Software That Together Make iTunes 9, Individually

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Oh iTunes, we hate you so much.

I have already made a post on how you can get iTunes.msi, Sysadmin.exe, QuickTime.msi, MobileMe.msi, AppleSoftwareUpdate.msi, AppleApplicationSupport.msi, Bonjour.msi and AppleMobileDeviceSupport.msi from an iTunes Setup. As promised back then (and forgotten) I’m uploading each of these files for individual download so that you won’t need to install/ update the whole of iTunes if one part of the program is giving you problems (which it should, considering it is iTunes).

Oh iTunes, we hate you so much.
Oh iTunes, we hate you so much.

The files that are available for individual downloads extracted from iTunes 9.1.12 are;

iTunes.msi Download now by clicking here ( 51.42MB)

SetupAdmin.exe Download now by clicking here ( 71.3KB)

QuickTime.msi Download now by clicking here ( 17.4MB)

MobileMe.msi Download now by clicking here ( 1.1MB)

AppleSoftwareUpdate.msi Download now by clicking here ( 853.5KB)

Bonjour.msi Download now by clicking here ( 804.4KB)

AppleMobileDeviceSupport.msi Download now by clicking here (6.8MB)

AppleApplicationSupport.msi Download now by clicking here (6.8MB)

Note: All the files except iTunes.msi are uploaded on iTunes.msi has been uploaded on due to 25MB size limit of . All files have been compressed using WinRar in order to save a few bytes here and there. SetupAdmin has not been compressed.

You can also download all the files in a single click by downloading the folder in which they have been kept in.


47 thoughts on “Download Software That Together Make iTunes 9, Individually

  1. When I try to install iTunes a progress bar loads up for a split second then goes away, nothing happens, iTunes doesn't install. Any ideas how to fix this

  2. My computer doesnt install the itune, i get the message that the application needed to run the installer could not be found. What do i do ?

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  12. So after performing a system restore to get rid of an svchost problem I was having a few months ago, I received a new ipod touch. I went to try and synch it with my itunes and got the error message that I needed to uninstall the itunes I had and reinstall the new version. Unfortunately because of the system restore, all of the .msi files were missing, so this has all worked beautifully to help uninstall so that I can reinstall the new itunes, all except Apple Software Update. It says its not the right file. Can you help me?

  13. Sorry for my ignorance if Im not use the right terminology but Im not too good on computers. I have downloaded the above files, extracted and installed but when it comes to installing the ITunes file after accepting the agreement etc it comes up with an error almost striaght away, it then goes striaght to finish and says nothing has been installed. Any ideas?

  14. Pardon me for my stupidity, but how do i extract the bonjour.msi file from the EWF file i downloaded. My Bonjour.msi one day disappeared and i can't remove Bonjour or update iTunes. Typical.


  15. ok, i downloaded it but when i try to make iTunes' installation thing find it, it says that it isn't the right file, that i have to click on a file where this applemobiledevicesupport.msi should be (and i put it in C:…my documentsapplemobiledevicesupport.msi). What can i do if it won't accept the thing that they should accept?

  16. iTunes has never actually given me any problems. And it doesn't take much of memory either – much less than Winamp and Windows Media Player. But maybe it's just me who's been spared!

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