Difference between Unlocking-Jailbreaking and Tethered boot-Untethered boot

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Blackra1n for the iPod toch and iPhone is an untethered Jailbreak.

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In my previous post I broke some myths about Jailbreaking. After reading the post two uninteresting possibilities should arise. Either you will jailbreak your iPod or you will stick to the OFW (original Firmware). As I’ve said earlier, if that post couldn’t convince you to Jailbreak, nothing will. So you can go ahead and stick with the original firmware. But what if you actually want to Jailbreak?

When you crawl the web searching for Jailbreaking who will come across 4 majorly confusing terms and difference between them. These are; Difference between Jailbreaking and Unlocking and difference between Tethered boot and untethered boot.


Jailbreaking allows you to install homebrews (user made software) and run cracked applications. It gives you the freedom to install themes and change wallpapers. All iPod touchs and all iPhones irrespective of their firmware and basebands can be Jailbreaked as of today.


Unlocking allows you to use your iPhone with any network. An iPhone bought from the US with a subscription with AT&T cannot be used on any network except AT&T unless you have unlocked it. Once unlocked, that iPhone can be used with any network across the world. All iPhones can be unlocked as of today. Needless to say, unlocking is not required for an iPod touch.

Here in this post, I will not discuss anything related to Unlocking any further because unlocking is limited only to iPhones which I don’t own (don’t even want to)..

Tethered Boot

Suppose you switch off your device or a friend does it or it simply runs out battery in the middle of nowhere. On a phone with Tethered Jailbreak you will have to get hold of computer to switch it back on. That is tedious not to mention PITA. To switch it back on you will have to re-jailbreak it. But thankfully it doesn’t take much time. Blackra1n is a Tethered Jailbreak.

Blackra1n for the iPod toch and iPhone is an untethered   Jailbreak.
Blackra1n for the iPod touch and iPhone is an untethered Jailbreak.

Untethered Boot

Just the opposite of Tethered Boot. Your iPhone or iPod will switch off and on just like any other Non-jailbreaked iPod or iPhone  If you have a choice then always go for untethered  Jailbreak. Spirit is an Untethered Jailbreak.

Spirit Jailbreak for the iPad, iPhone and the iPod touch is an untethered Jailbreak
Spirit Jailbreak for the iPad, iPhone and the iPod touch is an untethered Jailbreak

Need to know anything else which has not been explained very well on the internet? Just comment or drop in a mail. My mailing details can be found on my about page.

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