My Class 10th CBSE Board Result

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Tense was a word with every student except me awaiting his/her result today and yesterday evening could relate to. I was for some reason not tensed or rather to say I was quite at ease and was enjoying myself after coming back from FIITJEE. Not that I knew that I’d be topping the CBSE (I didn’t, by the way) but something inside me was telling me that all I cared about was whether the school will give me PCM with Computer Science or not. After getting into FIITJEE there’s no point studying Commerce when one’s aim is IIT. The stream was something about which I was tensed. So eventually I was tensed but not much. Not something of kind when one says “Phat rahi hai yaar!” The only time I skipped a heartbeat was when I dialed CBSE’s number and was asked to enter my roll number after which the voice said; Your result is…………………..not available, please enter a valid roll number. Naturally I hanged up.

It was with a friend’s s status update on Facebook that I got to know that the results are out online well before time. 2 hours to be exact. The website worked smoothly as I entered cbseresults, since there was no point in opening CBSE’s main website as it would have been bogged down due to traffic. The results page opened smoothly as the amount of traffic their is less compared to as people tend to open the main site, wait for 10 seconds and then open the page which I opened directly. I entered my roll number to be greeted by a page I had seen so many times before. Written on top was my name but I didn’t pay heed to it or to any other details. My eyes and the cursor were looking at my marks Grades. Below are my Grades and my views on them;

My Class 10th CBSE Board Result

086 SCIENCE B1 08
Result:   QUAL CGPA:   8

English: (A2) I’m quite happy with my marks in English for the sole reason that English in Boards is quite unpredictable. With brilliant students getting bad marks in English and CBSE is punishing us for actually knowing proper English! I was advised to write short sentences and stuff like that. Well, I didn’t. I wrote in it just like I write it here, on my Blog.

Hindi: (B2) Do I need to say anything? I don’t know who checked my paper because Boy! I deserve more! I would have accepted a B1 but this is heartbreaking. The paper went pretty well, I have no idea how this happened.

Mathematics: (B2) Err…How? I know I messed up quite a few questions but this is not what I was expecting! B2! OMG! Heartbreaking is an understatement. 🙁 I was expecting something..something better. I’ll send the paper for re-evaluating only if I am not given PCM with comp in the school.

Science: (B1) Was it the theory or the MCQ which ruined it? I did mess up a few questions here and their. Biology was flawless. Chemistry is the Culprit (or is it me?). Anyway, I’m happy since there’s no point in being gloomy. What’s done is done.

Social Science: (A2)! Who gave me A2! I can’t believe it! After a string of <cannot tell marks > on 80’s and 50’s this is one subject which brought a smile to my face. Hadn’t touched the SST book all through the year (except the last two months) and I get an A2? Something fishy my friend. SST perturbed me through the last two months and this result I got is the due to my friends because of them I got an A2. Could have done better but chodo.

All I care about, now, is the School giving me PCM with Computers which they actually should since my CGPA in English, Science and Maths is 8.

Do mention your result in the comments if you want to. 🙂

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  1. its quite a late thing to say now…only nostalgic memory would remain of dose moments…but nonetheless kudos! man!..
    silent prays for ur IIT aims 🙂

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