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Social Networking

If you have been a regular visitor to my blog then you must have noticed the new Social Bookmarking plugins (Twitter, Digg, Stumble upon, Facebook at al) at the end of my posts. This allows readers to easily share the content of that particular post on the Internet by posting it to social not-working sites easily with usually only a couple of clicks. Getting this kind of plugin is a piece of cake if you have a (self-hosted) Blog but not possible(until now) if you have a Blog like mine. I found it while searching for a Twitter retweet plugin for my blog. I must say I am pretty impressed with the functioning and ease of use with the Social Bookmarking plugin that I am currently using. I received a quite a few mails asking how I got it. So here’s a guide to adding Social Bookmarking for Blogs.

Social Networking
GetSocial as it is termed by its developer(s) gives you cartloads of options considering a.)It’s free b.)No other plugin like this is available for Blogs. The user has two options while using that plugin

  1. Download a small application on your Computer (Windows only, maybe they don’t know what Linux is), install it and start using.
  2. The have recently started this Live feature which gives you the option if using it without downloading and installing on your machine.

Most users would opt for the Live feature (I used to use the desktop application but have now switched over to the Live one).

The procedure is pretty simple. Follow the following procedures to get a social bookmark tab which I use;

  1. Publish your post (works without publishing too) on which you plan to use the GetSocial Social Bookmarks.
  2. Open the GetSocialLive Website in a new tab in browser.
  3. Copy the Title of the post for which you want the bookmarks and paste it in the required column on the GetSocialLive website.
  4. Copy the permalink (permanent-link) of the post. Permalink is nothing but the link which directs towards your post. It can be found just below the Title of your post while editing or you can get it by right clicking on the title of the post once you have published it and selecting copy link location and paste it in the required box at the website.
  5. Choose the style that you want. I use Design.  Design Mini is same, just a little smaller.
  6. Click Get Social.
  7. In the box below the button which you clicked HTML lines will appear. Copy it.
  8. Open your post in the editor. Select HTML if Visual is selected. Go to the end of the post and paste the HTML there and update your post.
  9. Voila! You are done.

I needn’t have explained the process. It’s damn easy. Anyway, now let’s have a look on the options one gets.

There are 5 designs available as of now. A preview of the bookmark is shown after you select it.

Classic, Design, Design Mini, Mini and Text Links provide you with Add to; Facebook | Digg | | Stumbleupon | Reddit | Blinklist | Twitter | Technorati | Yahoo Buzz | Newsvine

You can also get a Facebook Like button and Google Buzz button for your Blog. I’m planning to get the Facebook like since many of my readers are referred through Facebook.

This is the best which I could find for Blogs. If you have any suggestions/alternatives please reply.

I know it looks like PITA to update it for every post but trust me, it aint that bad. Just 4 clicks and you have the Social Bookmark on your post!

PS: WordPress refuses to make the ‘P’ of WordPress in the title small.

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6 thoughts on “Social Bookmarking for Blogs

  1. has a very limited number of themes. Choosing from them should not be a difficulty. If you are not happy with the available themes then I'd suggest you to try upgrading to Custom CSS or better, host your blog somewhere.

  2. Well I tried a lot of themes but none of them look good.I would deem it a great favor if you kindly help me in finding a good theme.

  3. I have said it before, I'm saying it again. For a quizzing centered blog your theme doesn't look nice. Interferes in reading.

    Besides this, the colour of the bar cannot be changed though a background can be applied of a colour you like. It won't look nice by the way.

  4. Weel,you have a theme with a white background so the social bookmarking bar looks fine.What shall I do with my blog ?Is there a way to make it transparent?

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