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I’ve seen people take up blogging to earn money from AdSense. Even before writing their first Blog post (they don’t blog for too long as they give up after 10-20 posts) they try to collect information on Adsense. This is wrong, at least in my eyes. It’s a totally personal opinion, no offense. I started Blogging because I wanted to see if I could write well. During those essay writing questions in an English exam I saw the word limit as an enemy. Not because I couldn’t adjust my thoughts to fit the word limit but because it would eventually lead to some key points which would have made my essay look better, skipped.

I started blogging seriously only a few weeks back. Adsense was never on my mind. Though I had initially planned on getting a domain registered and shift to hosting on JaoPapa Err. GoDaddy or somewhere else, I now stand corrected and have no plans of shifting to hosting unless I have some decent amount of traffic coming to my blog to at least pay off the hosting charges.

no google adsense

Even without having ads on the Blog and without hosting (ads are possible on blog though only for blogs with 25000+ monthly hits or VIP blog. And WordPress takes half of the revenue in case of the former) I have earned (or saved) $2.99. A petty sum right? I don’t care, at least I made something.

The way I earned (all right, saved) is quite interesting! If you have been following my blog you must have read my post on the iPhone/iPod App Spawn Lite. I just explained what it is and why I love it. Somehow, the developer of that app saw my review of the App and was kind of impressed. She made a comment and asked me send me an E-mail to her and she would send me a promo code for the full version of the app. A promo code is nothing but a 7/8 digits code which you enter while you are paying for an app. The promo code is accepted in place of money and you are given the app for free!

I was so excited about it because I wanted to use the full version of the app since a long time. Now that I had the promo code, I headed over to iTunes App store. Searched for the app, pressed buy. Entered the code and it worked like charm! $3 dollars saved!

Thanks Nicolai!

PS:  Saying that this post is late would be an understatement.

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