First Impressions Of FIITJEE – Review Of FIITJEE

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SHITJEE FIITJEE. Looks like I’m in it after all. And this is a review of FIITJEE. 2 years is what it’ll take me to prepare myself to crack the entrance test for IIT. I don’t know how difficult it will be for me but I’m sure it won’t be a piece of cake (unless I hack into the computer which has a copy of the entrance test, get the copy, solve all the questions with someone’s help. All without being caught). But let’s not make this a post on my aspirations but rather on FIITJEE itself.

Review of FIITJEE

My first class was on Saturday, 6th May. An eventful day considering the fact that I got admission 3 minutes before the commencement of the very first class. The reasons as to why I got admitted just 180 seconds before the commencement is of course an even more interesting story but that’s another post (which you might never see unless you get to read stuff in my drafts folder).

To those blissfully unaware, FIITJEE stands for FORUM for IITJEE. Started in 1992 by DK Goel, a mechanical engineering graduate from IIT Delhi himself, FIITJEE is no doubt one of the best places to study and splurge your parent’s money. It offers a hell lot number of courses including PINNACLE in which you study in a school maintained and owned by FIITJEE. There they teach you the CBSE as well as IITJEE course simultaneously (of course).

Turn on the A.C! wOOF!

My first class was held in one of the best classrooms they have, which supposedly is called <enter name of building>. The classrooms of that particular building are amazing! You feel like studying there. With a MITSUBISHI Roof Top AC to keep our asses cool in the room you don’t even feel thirsty (No drinking water arrangement). The reason I’m focusing so much on the Air Conditioner part is that this was one of the few times we’ll get to study in AC rooms because once classes start in Laxman Public School all we will be able to do is get nostalgic about those comfortable rooms.

The best thing besides the rooms is that there is a Code Warrior in my batch! Vishal to be precise or GVK Vishal to be even more precise.

One word which gains popularity once you start hunting for a good coaching center is Faculty. The faculty basically means the nerds who will teach us how to successfully turn into nerds. Since three subjects will be taught at FIITJEE there are three teachers who’ll teach me for at least the upcoming four weeks. The teachers or faculty as should say now is different for every batch. The teachers that will teach me (I hope only till the first exams) are as follows;

Physics; Kumar Manoch sir (Codename: KMS) An intelligent looking man with a pouch, or a poly-bag to be more precise for a stomach. Makes the subject looks interesting and entertains student’s doubts happily. Can’t say much till I have at least one more class with him.

Chemistry; Anu Tripathi ma’am (Codename: ATM) A small looking girl woman whom I unsurprisingly mistook for a student and completely ignored her when she was trying to talk to me (inquiring about batch) while I was out of the class in the break drinking Sprite. I almost broke into a fitjee when she said “I’m coming in a while, make sure everyone is seated.” and I finally realized that she was a teacher after all. Knows her stuff pretty well but I don’t think she can explain it properly. If I ever need money, I’ll go straight to her(see the codename).

Maths; Shilpa Dang ma’am (Codename: MSD) A little plump looking young woman who has done her M.Tech from IIT Delhi. Of course knows her stuff. Very good at explaining the concepts. Goes to every child who needs her (for problems and doubts that is). But doesn’t entertain doubts while she is explaining something. One of those I’ll-show-that-I’m-a-strict-kind-of–teacher wannabe’s. Next time I need Cricket stuff, she’s the one who’ door I’ll knock (See the codename again).

Now jumping from teachers to Toilets. 😉 Err… The flush kind of thing didn’t work when I was done using it so BAD TOILETS!

Now jumping from Toilets to Drinking Water. Drinking water is just besides the toilets and is 2 feet below ground level. So, drinking without glasses is not possible. As expected, no glasses available in proximity.

One thing that I liked and really appreciated was that I had forgotten some study material under my desk. Once I had gone out of the premises and almost reached my car I realised my mistake and went back to fetch them. They were not there. Somebody had of course taken them. I went to the guard and asked him about them. He Diderot reply but just went to one of the tables and took out a bundle of papers which housed my study material and gave it to me without saying anything lest an assuring smile.

This was my review of FIITJEE My second class is on 15th May now.Wish me luck!

PS: My center is Kalu Sarai. Also, I am sorry for the Money and Cricket thing.

The title of the post looks as if it has been copied from Vivek’s post on VMC mainly because it has been copied from Vivek’s post on VMC.

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25 thoughts on “First Impressions Of FIITJEE – Review Of FIITJEE

  1. I too want 2 join FIITJEE bt for that I have to give my exam which is on 7th February
    Could you plzz tell me some main topic on which I should focus..
    I am going to go in class 10th in may.

  2. Nyc. . .
    im at fiitjee punjabi bagh.. we rarely get to see the actual centre thanks to sm arya public school.

  3. Hello Bhaiya!! I am Aadarsh of grade 10 in a CBSE school in Tamilnadu. Happy New Year to u!!! I read ur blog about FIITJEE. It was really nice and enjoying. I have got selected for FIITJEE's 2 year Pinnacle Program at Maharishi Vidya Mandir, Chennai, with a discount of 65% discount. I want to know how do the FIITJEE people do the batch allotment, whether I can get a seat in the top batch(though it may be a dream!!!). How do the FIITJEE prepare us for KVPY and Olympiads? I am desperate to get KVPY, as it is such a honourable scholarship, and I can reserve a seat in any IISER or IISC, at the worst case. Please bhaiya, guide me for KVPY and FIITJEE problems and CBSE Board Exam.

  4. pulkit u right really well …
    i m an average science student from don bosco …in class 11
    just tell me is one year course will be a right choice or not …

  5. fiitjee teachers dont let u have ne free day, they pack up ur schedule and that will frustrate u. i study in fiitjee dwarka centre. plz can sm1 help me wid vmc. i didnt qualify the exam in jan so i will give it again in april. plz tell me wat to study and wat topics r of main concern.

  6. I have put in a link for Vidya Mandir classes as well and my blog also has a post on it. See here.

    Personally I would not recommend you to join any coaching in 11th. Focus on your CBSE syllabus because you can prepare for IIT and all later also. I joined SHITJEE and I am regretting it. Not only does studies become more difficult, they leave you with no time to do anything else.

  7. Hi,

    nice post 🙂

    I am thinking of joining fiitjee if I don't clear the entrance test for Vidyamandir Classes(which has very high probability as of now) but a few of my friends have said that it's not everyone's cup of tea.Do you think that the quality of teaching and environment is up to the mark and it'll not be a waste of time?

  8. Haan haan bol le. Theyre giving me a 100% scholarship and 32 lacs of cash, which it turns out is just theoretical. i.e. I cant even claim it.

  9. hmmm, so you did join coaching.

    i just went through some of your posts; u sure have a flair for writing 😀
    u attend IT symposiums or stuff like that? would be interesting to meet. (in a non-gay-manner, mind you :P)

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