The actual evening in Palika

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This is the actual post of the happenings in Palika. In this post you will learn some basic things about bargaining which does not include how to bargain. Besides, there’s a story and a woman which will keep you interested (I hope). But it’s you must read my previous post ‘The making of an Evening in Palika” before hopping on to this post.

…..sat in the car as I started it, engaged it in the first gear released the clutch and pressed the accelerator simultaneously and moved closer to our destination……

It had almost been 3 months since I had went outside my outside house. The world changes and changes so rapidly that you have no other option besides clinging on to it. As they say ‘the only thing constant is change’. There’s no second option, yet I opted for the second option which was not there and spent 15 days in my room which now smells of burnt mosquitoes. So much had changed! They made this huge building (don’t remember the name) in a matter of three months! And plus, Connaught Place has changed. The shops now look a little more organized, old buildings are being renovated and the beggars now seem a lot poorer than before, not mention slim and unhappy and have mastered the art of begging even more; courtesy Commonwealth Games.

This woman beggar had a small child in her left hand and was holding a piece of paper in her right, was looking quite happy. Swaying as she moved, singing some vernacular song, in-short gay (no, not the child!) and happy until the traffic light turned red and she came to a huge blue car and started crying like anything! Saying that the piece of paper is actually a prescription from a doctor and she needs money to buy medicines! I ran into a fit because the people in the car gave her money after learning about the prescription! (It was a blank piece of paper)

The moment we entered Connaught place and went to park the car a Toyota Innova came out of nowhere and stopped before us, leaving no option but to wait. My dad honked (the car that is) twice, the driver came out and signaled to wait for a second. The back doors of the car opened and two foreigners came out, both woman. What they were wearing is worth mentioning if not imagining. The first was quite simply dressed, a tight top and an even tighter jeans which looked good on a slim figure. The clothes (or the lack of them) the second was wearing was out of this world. A top, ending three/fourth way down the torso, exposing her stomach and navel in the best (eh?) way possible. Another thing worth mentioning is that the top was translucent. I could see her erm… You know the thing which women usually wear-the thing about whose color people updated their status on Facebook. Yeah you got the point. I could see it all, through and through! And I was not the only one staring, the whole had its eyes on her! Well, she was looking hot but I think she exposed a bit more than was required.

So I sadly parted with the second woman as the Innova gave way to us and we moved on. Parked the car for free 😉 and started moving or rather me following my dad towards wherever he was going. I saw those big huge fans they have to vent the air out and a sporadic burst of insanity made me almost put my hand in it. Luckily my dad was in his senses and stopped me. Those fans are huge and they plan to install even bigger ones!

Entered the market and headed for shop number 18, the shop that I usually buy stuff from. The usual guy was not their, and according to the guy who was their, the usual guy had gone to Australia. My dad intervened and told him that he knows that the usual guy has gone to Australia and he is in fact a very good friend of him but he didn’t get any news of him going anywhere (because obviously, the usual had not gone anywhere). Mind you, my dad was lying. Then dad made up some stuff like we have bought loads of stuff from your shop including two PSP’s and their memory cards and cases and TV-out et al. This makes an impression on the seller that the customer is regular to his shop though the shopkeeper might not know him. This eventually results in the prices coming to sort of nominal but still bargainable. I told him what all I wanted, he had everything except the PSP’s USB cum charging cable. He had not yet settled on a price, though he had put the screen guard on the iPod. He then said that we know the usual guy so well and are a regular customer so he’ll charge the bare minimum. He said Rs 100 each for a Silicon Case and the screen guard and Rs 250 for the charger. It didn’t take us much time to figure out that though the price for the case and guard was nominal he was trying to make some money in the charger. We said that we don’t want the charger, the rate is too high, he agreed. We paid Rs 200 and came out of the shop, half expecting to hear ‘acha theek hai! Rs 200 mein lelo” but that never happened.

Went to a few more shops. One said ‘charger 450 ka hai’ my dad and me laughed then told him that we buy stuff regularly form your shop. He said 400. We started going out. He said “350! Acha! 300 dedo! 200 to de hi do! Chalo 100! Acha 50 mein le jao!” I broke into a fit again. From 450 that guy came to down to 50! But we kept walking on. Found another shop who after some time settled on 130 for the charger. My dad paid him 120 and left while the shopkeeper kept saying ” are shab kam hai ye, nuksaan ho jayeha”. Trust me, their margin is nothing sort of amazing! I can bet that he bought the charger for less than 50.

Since the shopping was done, we started moving. I was tired as hell. The Hanuman Mandir that you might have seen had to be visited. My dad wanted to buy some fruits so he stopped on a shop. While my dad was inquiring about the prices a small boy, not more than 2 1/2 feet tall came and started giving out Prasad to everyone. The shopkeeper ignored the boy when the boy offered him since he was busy attending to customers. The boy at that instant started shouting like anything. Abusing the shopkeeper in front of all people! Hilarious it was! A small boy abusing a full grown man. The man didn’t reply and kept listening. After some time the boy left. The boy I suppose was the owner (owner’s son=owner) of the shop. A hilarious end to a tiring evening.

With that it was time we moved towards home. Here comes the end of my journey to Palika and the boring post.

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10 thoughts on “The actual evening in Palika

  1. Brings back old memories,the last time I went to Palika Bazaar was in 2008.Since then I hav downloading games instead of buying.

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  4. Maybe if this post didn't come out ages after the first one, I wouldn't have forgotten, but you can't really do much about a RAM chip blowing up can you?

    Another piece of advice…I won't recommend charging your iPod with a wall-socket charger. I have a friend who fried his first generation Nano's battery with that kind of thing.

  5. When you say charger, do you mean a mini-USB charging cable, or a wall-socket charger. Because the second one could potentially damage your PSP.

    1. You haven't read the first part of this post, have you?

      And what I'm talking about about is a mini-USB charging cable(with a 'pin' for charging separately)for the PSP. A wall-socket charger comes with the PSP.I was looking for a wall-socket charger for the iPod.

      If my comment helped you then good, otherwise read the earlier post. It describes everything in detail.

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