My Facebook Fan Page goes bust!

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I logged into my Facebook account today to be greeted a big blue box at the top of my feeds which went on something like this:

Please Read This!


The Page Ok,so we have LOADS of mutual friends BUT WHO ARE YOU???????? has had its publishing rights blocked because it violates our Pages Terms of Use. Amongst other things, Facebook restricts the publishing rights of Pages that impersonate other entities, represent generic concepts, spam users, or otherwise violate our Terms of Use. These policies are designed to ensure Facebook remains a safe, secure and trusted environment for all users. If you have any questions or concerns, you can visit the Terms applicable to Facebook Pages at

I acknowledge I have read this information.

Fan Pages as you might already know took Facebook by storm some months back. Besides those spammers and ‘survey’ fan pages people came up with new ideas and made a whole new community of people. People who came up with ideas which attracted lots of people made some quick bucks as well. Even I was hoping to do the same with 12K members in the Fan Page, till today. With my publishing rights being withdrawn I cannot share news and links with people in my Fan Page.

I’ll be writing a post on my other Fan Pages in a day or two, so make sure you are subscribed to my blog!

I fear that if the Code Warriors Fan Page draws too many fans even it might go bust and we won’t be able to publish anything. I have contacted Facebook in order to change the Fan Page from a ‘like one’ to ‘Become a fan one”, still waiting for a reply.

Oh, and before I forget, make sure you have joined my fan page on Facebook too 😛

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5 thoughts on “My Facebook Fan Page goes bust!

  1. I know that. But 'community pages' are getting their publishing rights being taken away as happened to my fan page (we have mutual….). The CW fan page was categorized as a community page. This message is shown on top of the page sometimes;

    "This Page has been recategorized as a Community Page
    Community Pages represent causes, topics and ideas (as opposed to official entities such as businesses, bands and public figures). This change has not affected your Page’s presence on Facebook. If you think your Page has been miscategorized, let us know."

    I dispatched a second mail to Facebook stating that this is not a community page, still waiting for their reply.

  2. Haha! Don't think that. You know that the CW fan page is not a 'generic concept', I knnw that it is not a 'generic concept' but Facebook doesn't know that its 'generic concept'.

    CW fan page is still a 'like' one. I can't rest assured until they change the fan page to 'become a fan' one.

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