This post is rather late though not very late. I had initially planned on writing it but then gave up due to a very rational and unavoidable reason which I figured out was laziness. But after seeing the interests of some Code Wars aluminis in the results of the Intra I am finally writing this post.

I got to know about the Intra from the people I least expected and not from the people I most expected (Its fine if you don’t understand this line, just DON’T PANIC). So the date that had been finalised for the Intra was Thursday, the 6th. I woke up in the morning and did the usual stuff which includes spending at least 4 minutes with my iPod. Let me fast forward as I usually do.

I had personally made sure that people come to take the Intra even if they think they don’t know anything. I am rather proud to say though not exaggerating and definitely not showing off that out of the total kids that appeared, at least 20% if not more had been called by me personally. I don’t know why but I wanted this Intra to go well. Even in the morning 10 minutes before the commencement of the Intra I was busy requesting people to come to the Intra.

Some things which I had anticipated would happen:

  1. A large number of kids would show up.
  2. Only a few kids would be responsible enough to get a pen. (It’s a written paper guys!).
  3. I’ll have to shout.
  4. We won’t need more chairs or in other words we’ll be able to accommodate everybody in the A-Block Lounge.
  5. Cheating will be at an all time high.
  6. We will tell the answers at the end.
  7. We will have a nice laugh on some of the 42 answers.
  8. I’ll get a susu break.

Things which actually happened:

  1. A large number of kids showed up.
  2. Only a mind bogglingly small number kids came with a pen.
  3. I had to shout.
  4. We fell short of chairs and had to send some lucky kids to the air conditioned I-Lab.
  5. Cheating was at an all time high.
  6. We didn’t tell the answers.
  7. We did have a nice laugh on most of the 42 answers.
  8. I didn’t get a susu break..

Aditya and I were the first one’s to reach the Lounge only to be greeted by some not so friendly teachers. Kids then started coming. The response was nothing short of amazing! Karthick had got 40 copies of the paper (correct me if I’m wrong). We quickly fell short and needed more. And almost surprisingly kept falling short of papers no matter how many times we got the copies photocopied.

It took about 45 minutes for every one to finish the paper and leave and the A-Block lounge to be empty. We started correcting. But before that Vivek counted the papers. Guess? Guess?! 100 papers! I remember when I gave my first Intra, only 8-9 people had participated! We have come a long way I must say. But back when I gave the Intra, I’m sure the then Code Warriors must have felt good at the quality of papers they checked.

I was expecting at least one paper which would get 15 + but after the checking had been done the highest scorer was a boy with a score of 10 on 25. Considering the level of the paper, 10 is not that bad a score.

All in all an awesome Intra in terms of the number of kids participating and good in terms of the scores.

We will be having another Intra post July for the new comers and the kids who got above average scores in the first Intra.

Oh, and Bani ma’am had promised to give chocolates to all Code Warriors if we managed to bring 30 kids to the Intra! We actually deserved 3 chocolates 🙁

You can download the Quiz Intra paper from here. (PDF file, 300KB)

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