Dish Dish Dish! Days of agony, frustration and boredom are over! I’m back! My PC is now walking running smoothly like ever before. My motherboard which went into coma for some unknown reason a few days back was given a dose of Elixir and is back without a bang. I was hoping that this opportunity might lead to PC overhaul or an even better, arrival of a laptop. But sadly, these things were not meant to happen so they simply didn’t.

I had planned to go Nehru Place with my dad in order to get the motherboard repaired. 5 days after the incident my dad finally woke up, realised that a computer in the house was must. So he did the usual, discussed the matter and then forgot about it. But this time I was adamant, I had to get it repaired ASAP. But my dad ditched me, he got hold of a computer engineer and zoomed off to Nehru Place leaving me behind 🙁

But he did get it repaired. I assembled the PC from scratch in order to get rid of the dust as well. With that done, I fired up the PC only to be greeted by an absolutely unsurprisingly surprising screen. The screen of nothingness.

I was sure that the motherboard was fine since my dad had seen it booting up a PC back in the shop. The problem which I figured out later on lied in the RAM. So I had to buy a new one. A few more days passed and I finally went to Nehru Place this time. The prices for a 2 gig DDR2 667 MHz were as much unbelievable as the prices for a 1 gig stick. Rs 2700 and Rs 1200 respectively.

I actually wanted a 533 MHz Ram as my motherboard (Intel D102GGC2) supports 533/400 MHz. But since they were not available I had to go for a 667 MHz stick though knowing that it will not work at 667 but will rather work at 533. After hearing the prices my dad thought of a way which was less expensive and a hell lot cheaper (same thing ain’t it?) and got my older non-working RAM repaired for 150 bucks.

Its working fine now. Though 512MB is just not enough for me. I hope I get an upgrade quickly or I might go into coma this time.

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