My motherboard goes kaboom and here I go Poof!

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The motherboard of my PC passed away today to become the part of a more peaceful world. 15 days of continuous not to mention rigorous use might have lead to this. I don’t know if it
can get repaired or not. A small chip named F6 has got burned completely. I have tackled many problems with my PC in the past but mostly were software related lest a few.

Blogging was supposed to be on a high and I had quite a few posts in drafts which just need finishing touches which include adding links and proofreading them. Doing all that is not possible on my iPod touch so the posts (and you) will have to wait. I might post some news from my iPod but can’t promise since typing on the iPod touch is PITA. I might be out for some days which can be anywhere between 5 days and a month 🙁

PS:I’m getting a lot of of traffic on my post ” touch.facebook is down“. Lady Gaga’s post is also drawing some traffic but only through tags unlike the Facebook post which is getting hits through search engines.

UPDATE: This post was originally published a week back but was deleted due to some formatting problems which could not be rectified on my iPod. PS: Motherboard is still in coma.

UPDATE: I finally got hold of a computer though only for 10 minutes and was able to rectify the formatting problem. My motherboard is still in coma 🙁

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