The following post describes the happenings of today’s morning which seemed to be so uneventful that it occupied me wholly. The actual post of the happenings in Palika will follow shortly, but I recommend you not to wait for it as it might take anywhere between 60 Earth seconds and 2 light years. The post that will follow will include tips on bargaining, sighting of an almost naked foreigner near Connaught Place (female, I must clarify) , a blacked out Janpath including the North Avenue (somebody’s gonna get screwed) and a small story about a small 2 1/2 feet boy bullying a full grown man almost 6 feet tall. Go through the happenings of before I went to Palika firstly, since it’ll help you understand the next post better and more importantly since you don’t have any other option besides reading this post. 😉

It was morning when I woke up [‘duh” is not required since it had been quite some time since the last time I woke up in the morning, had slept at 4] with my mom saying something.  I didn’t pay heed to what she was saying as usual and continued to enjoy the lightness which you feel while you sleep. She told my dad something, my dad told her something and she again told him something then my dad said something which ended the 5 minute long the discussion not   right there but a few meters away from where it had started. I was sleeping throughout this discussion until the 4th minute. I woke up startled because I had heard a word, ‘Palika’. Either it was me going insane or my dad had finally agreed to take me to Palika in the evening.

I had been pestering him to take me to Palika for quite some time now, and not only take but buy stuff as well… Not that I cannot go alone, but because my parents won’t let me go alone. To some extent that is right, but why should I agree? It’s wrong! Coming to a more important point, my dad bargains like a professional (eh? I’ve never seen a professional bargainer though, but if there does exist one either it looks like my dad or it is my dad). It doesn’t take him more than two Earth minutes to make the seller come down from Rs 500 to Rs 300, that is when he’s not even trying.

And considering its Palika, the prices usually start from 500 and can go down to Rs 50 (In some cases even less) if you try hard enough, keep looking at different shops when bargaining. You’ll notice the shopkeeper will keep cutting the price until you hear the price that you had in your mind (Don’t expect to get stuff for free).

I knew that today’s evening will be an exhausting one because if my dad is awesome at bargaining, he’s more awesome at walking and hanging around in shops for no apparent reason until he reveals it you, which he till today hasn’t to anyone in my proximity. Some people might say, why Palika, why not Nehru Place? The answer is that in Nehru Place you can get the best deals possible on stuff that is big which usually involves computers and Printers. But finding small items like a decent case for PSP in Nehru Place is PITA.I usually buy gadgets from retailers who give me a bill and then direct my spaceship towards Palika Bazaar to get buy the accessories and stuff.

I had to go in the evening so had nothing to do all day, so I compiled a list of things that I wanted to buy;

First was my iPod touch’s case/cover. The backside (not the bum side, because it doesn’t have a bum) of my iPod had a mirror finish when it came, now it looks like wood. So to save it from further damage, buying a case was must. Should be around Rs 100-150.

Second was the screen guard for it. It’s been 5 month since I bought it, and I’ve not bothered to do that. Actually I have but my dad didn’t bother (shifting blame feels so good…). Should be Rs 50-100.

Third was a wall charger for it. It’s not economical to switch on a 450W computer just to charge a 12W device. I had this charger from a Chinese phone which my dad had misplaced. The charger had a port for a USB cable to fit in. It could probably charge the iPod too but after hours of dilemma and confusion I gave up the idea as the chances of my iPod getting fried were really really high. Had no idea (looks like Noida, doesn’t it?) about the pricing though, still guessed it to be around Rs 150-200.

The fourth item was kind of optional, like not actually required. It was a data cable-cum- charging cable for my PSP. I had bought one originally (from Palika) when I bought my PSP (from a Sony Store), but it gave away after about a year. Not bad I must say. I took a data cable from a friend who had got one with his Philips IPOD which he eventually lost. It was of no use to him so I took it from him he gave it to me. I could transfer data with it but couldn’t charge my PSP at the same time. Though the wall charger that Sony provided still works fine. Should be around Rs 150, I assumed.

I wanted a wall charger so that I could charge my iPod without my PC and I wanted a charger for my PSP so that I could charge it through my PC! Technosis I tell you!

I added up the total amount, came to be Rs 450-600. I wasn’t expecting this much, but dad seemed in a decent enough mood and he had to had to buy me these things, after all he had promised. But then, parents promise a lot but do they stick to it?

I still had about 5 hours. Wasted Spent some time loitering around doing exactly nothing. Read 2 chapters of  The Restaurant at the End of the Universe on my iPod. Went to my parent’s room for some reason which I forget almost immediately when I entered the room. Sat on the floor for some reason which is still unknown to me and dozed off…….

If you have ever in your life slept on cold hard floor at a time when you were totally exhausted you can probably understand what I mean. The cold hard floor had a feel of its own which almost unsurprisingly felt as if I was sleeping on cold hard floor.

After that quick nap of 3 hours I started getting ready. If you are something like me, it won’t take time for you to dress up or even dress down for that matter. 3 minutes flat is what takes me, include washing my face and the time comes down to 2 minutes but not flat this time.

Grabbed the car keys, dad was for the first time in my 16 years of uneventful life ready on time before me. :O . He did seem to be in a good mood.  We moved out of the house, crossed it’s boundaries. Dad sat in the car as I started it, engaged it in the first gear released the clutch and pressed the accelerator simultaneously and moved closer to our destination, Palika.

UPDATE: The second part of this post might get delayed a bit, no not by 60 Earth seconds and definitely not by 2 light years. Just by a couple of four coupled hours, that’s it.

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  1. "between 60 Earth seconds and 2 light years." Do you realize that 'earth seconds' is a unit of time, and 'light years' is a unit of distance?

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